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subnormal–today’s playlist

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhhh! subnormal is back!

As the agents of chaos try run governments and play their wargames–subnormal is rocking out. What else is there to do?

Kaelan Mikla

The incredibly talented and beautiful Rosamund Pike stars in this next video by Massive Attack for which we give her best actress in a video. Warning–Brief graphic violence in the eyeball–ouch.

Massive Attack 


If you don’t wanna dance to this song–check your pulse…

Is is a Spirit in the Sky? No…It’s an Ooh La La!


subnormal magazine  2018

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subnormal magazine’s Music’s Best of 2017

Aside from U2, Sting, and Elton John, women ruled the Grammy’s this year, with  Kesha, Pink, and Miley Cyrus being the best talent, along with Lady Gaga, who gave the best performance of the show. Cyndi Lauper was stuck to a barely audible background singing spot for YouTube sensation Kesha, who delivered a powerful song about leaving an abusive man.  A mic failed on at least one occasion, and the host–who seems like a nice guy, made jokes at his own expense concerning him being out of place for such a show–uh–yeah.

Alessia Cara won the best new artist award, yet very sweetly mentioned how many other great artists were out there that don’t have the numbers to be considered for such awards shows, that deserve more recognition. This is of course–totally true.

As such, we here at subnormal give you our own best of 2017, in no particular order, and of course, with our own rules and own awards… Enjoy…

Best Dancing by a Singer (general): FKA twigs

Best Love Song: Lana Del Rey, Love

Best Shoegaze / smooth jazz/trip hop song: Sevdaliza: Human

Best Female Jazz Singer: Niia,  Best Blues Singer: Jazmine Sulivan,  Best Blues song: Niia and Jazmine Sulivan, Sideline, Sexiest Music video, Hurt You First

Best New Song by an Alternative Rock Band: Sunflower Bean: I was a Fool

Best New Pop Punk Band: Hey Violet

Best Acting in a Video: Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things for Sigma, Find Me featuring Birdy

Best Foreign Dance Video: Aya Sato, YSMF

Best Female Vocalist who also Produces: Grimes

Best Female Rapper: Elliphant

Best Model who Sings,  Best New Pop Singer: Dua Lipa

Best New Singer / Songwriter: MO

Best New Punk Band, Best New LA Rock Band, Best New Female Punk Singer, Best New Guitarist, Best New Live Rock Performer: Starcrawler

Best new Psychedelic Rock Band and Band Name: Goat Girl

Best New Alternative Rock Band: Phantogram

Best new Rock Album: Yeah Yeahs, Fever to Tell, Best Live Performance, Best Singer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Best Dance Artist, Best Dance / Pop Songwriter, Best Dance Song (Disco T-ts): Tove Lo

Best Female Vocalist in Most Genres including Pop, Blues, Jazz, Alternative, Rap, etc: Kimbra

Best Modern Retro  Feminist Band: US Girls


More to be announced later this week…

subnormal magazine


Trump and Kim Jong Un at War in New World Premiere Music Video “Rocket Man”

Trump and Kim Jong Un at War in New World Premiere Music Video “Rocket Man” for rock song by former Lords of Acid musician Donquiestar.

Watch the powerful new music video for the song “Rocket Man” by Donquiestar, here below:

Former “Lords of Acid” bass player Doggy Dave, now known as Donquiestar, has released a searing new single called “Rocket Man” seen below, about the crisis between America and North Korea, and more particularly; between U.S. President Donald Trump, and DPRK Dictator Kim Jong Un; both at war in his new video.

With his groundbreaking, legendary new song “Rocket Man,” Donquiestar has created a work of art bound to go down in history. Not unlike industrial rock pioneers Ministry; with their notorious early samples of former U.S. President George W. Bush, so too does Donquiestar cement not only President Trump in to the pages of rock history–but does so for Kim Jong Un as well. The song and video; a social satire rock commentary on the 2017 and ongoing conflict between the U.S. and the rest of the civilized world versus North Korea, speaks strongly against the Hermit Kingdom, where the North Korean people suffer under the weight of oppression by the tyranny of their “Dear Leader” and his brutal communist dictatorship.

Rocket Man: The Video

Concerning the new video for the new single “Rocket Man” here below, Donquiestar states, “I don’t know very well what to say except that all is going great over here in Belgium. The video has reached thousands already. The reactions are very cool. People are starting to think more about the North Korean problem, and that’s what we want.”

Critics of Rocket Man

Donquiestar continues, “Of course, some don’t understand the irony and the slightly sarcastic undertone of the song and video. One American girl for example, called it a ‘terroristic video,’ and thought I was very pro-North Korea, until I explained it to her that this is definitely not the case. A very close Belgian girlfriend called it ‘American propaganda’ which it is also not.” The singer adds, “These two opposite reactions didn’t make me mad however, as I had expected them, and I am glad they came up already. But I feel–never-mind that, because almost everybody thinks it’s a super video, and do I hope they see that my opinion is the one of a major dislike for war and against global terror. I feel we opened a historical discussion here with this song and video–that’s for sure.”

Belgium and EDM

EDM, short for Electronic Dance Music, was reportedly started in Belgium; a Western European country known for being headquarters of the European Union and NATO, as well as known for its exotic medieval lore. It is from here where Donquiestar hails, putting the country yet again not only on the global musical map–but on the world political map as well.

From Lords of Acid to Rocket Man

With the music video produced by Starpower Management’s Bruce Edwin, the “Rocket Man” song and video debuted earlier in Belgium in December of 2017, to great acclaim. Donquiestar states concerning the release of the video and song, “My phone actually keeps on ringing. I didn’t expect all this!” With the “Rocket Man” song produced by music veteran Julian Shah Tayler from the band the singularlity, who has done work for all from Disney to Warner Bros, “Rocket Man” is filled with complex layers of sound and instrumentation, with new parts being discovered with each listen. Yet most notable, in addition to Shah’s brilliant production and Donquiestar’s crunching guitar and swooning vocals, are the manipulated samples of President Trump and Kim Jong Un themselves.

The North Korean National Anthem is also weaved in the mix, for a haunting, yet defiant protest against the tyrannical regime of the DPRK. With music supervision and lyrics co-written by subnormal magazine and Donquiestar, the singer states, “I’m amazed at what is happening with this new work.” The musician adds, “After touring the world with Lords of Acid, I learned slowly to come back and lead a normal life,” admitting, “I just took a normal job, and I met a girl.”
With some time on his hands to think, the musician decided to think about life some more. In order to simply to try better understand the myriad of thoughts in his head, he became a Philosophy Major, taking his studies very seriously at Belgium University, where he is now on his way to soon graduating. “I like the activity of studying philosophy,” David Lambrecht reveals, “It keeps me realistic.” But being too “normal” for the former ‘Doggy Dave’ couldn’t last long. A growing celebrity in Belgium due to his legacy cemented firmly with Lords of Acid, David confesses, “My passion for music kept on following me,” and so he did what any other former teen-aged industrial acid-house rock-star does between Nietzsche and Spinoza; he started playing again.

“Doggy Dave” Re-Invents with “Donquiestar”

It was then, that “Doggy Dave” decided to leave his former name to the musical history books, and “Donquièstar,” was born. Pronounced “Don-Key-Yes-Tar,” the musician is constantly improving his craft. David states, “Technically, I’m getting better all the time.” Refusing to be stuck in any one genre, “Donquiestar” is multi-genre; stating, “Some might think I write only very European dance-music, but that is not all.” He also equally rocks, as “Rocket Man” proves, with David adding, “I’m influenced by all from The Pixies, The Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Daft Punk, and The Prodigy, among many more,” adding, “I am working on making the best of what music means to me, and with that, I plan on continuing to have a wonderful, but bizarre career!”

About DPRK

North Korea is the only country on the planet that is so greatly closed off from the rest of the civilized world. Any alleged enemies of the state are made prisoners; three generations back. DPRK state victims are routinely subjected to slave labor, torture by starvation, human experimentation, rape and random murder.

For interview and press / media requests, and bookings of Donquiestar, contact the Management and Publicity Department at (011) 310-226-7176 or email