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Ronald McDonald is Dead!


PETA ‘Chickens’ Pelt The Creepy Clown With Veggie Burgers

Celebration as Fast-Food Chain Nixes the Clown Who Promotes Artery-Clogging, Inhumanely Produced Cheeseburgers and Nuggets to Children

The recent spate of “creepy clown” sightings (or at least rumors thereof) has prompted McDonald’s to withdraw Ronald McDonald from appearances—and in celebration, a group of costumed PETA “chickens” descend on a Nashville McDonald’s today Thursday and threw veggie burgers at a Ronald McDonald effigy hanging under a banner that proclaims, “Never Trust a Clown: Eating Meat Kills” and “Cruelty Is No Laughing Matter!”


The creepiest clown of all is the one who encourages children to chow down on sensitive animals’ corpses,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA celebrates the end of creepy and cruel Ronald McDonald promotions as well as the ever-growing popularity of veggie burgers, which are now offered at numerous competitors’ restaurants around the country.”

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Cows killed for Big Macs and birds killed for McChicken sandwiches are hung upside down before their throats are slit. Many chickens are plunged into scalding-hot defeathering tanks while they’re still conscious and able to feel pain. Cows are often skinned alive.


Red Robin, Johnny Rocket’s, White Castle, and many other fast-casual restaurants all offer veggie burgers. PETA—whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat”—awarded McDonald’s an “F-” in its recent ranking of vegan-friendly burger chains.

Meat is Murder. Go vegetarian or vegan!

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Monsanto / Bayer and the GMO Poisoning of our Planet

The company Bayer (which made big money off of the nerve gas Nazi’s used to gas the Jews to death in the ovens with) has now bought Monsanto. Monsanto as you should know, is another Big Pharma company, and also  war profiteers who made Agent Orange, which killed countless babies, men and women during the VietNam War, and caused untold birth defects.

Monsanto is one of the two main companies behind GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) with which they have covertly poisoned much of the world’s food–seed supply–which is proven to cause disease and strip food from its natural nutrients, among more.  Monsanto has attempted to trademark nature, and has sued countless farmers that will not pay their shakedown money demand. Bayer and Monsanto–with a nearly trillion dollar company, have ruined the lives of countless farmers, and murdered untold more.


The Food and Drug Administration, which has a reputation for attacking organic, herbal foods and even such things as raw milk, either directly or indirectly supports GMO’s.  As proof, California, the alleged most ‘green’ and alleged most ‘healthy’ conscious state in the nation, has had untold hundreds of thousands fight to demand GMO labeling, a simple request for consumers to KNOW if food they are considering buying has GMO’s  in them or not, yet the FDA and Governor Jerry Brown reportedly has refused to allow the free education of California consumers to know what foods contain GMO’s, and which do not.


Not only are GMO’s the problem however. As The Los Angeles Times reported several years ago, many food ingredients that are labeled as ‘natural ingredients’ are far from what any normal person would consider ‘natural,’ and may include anything from animal or human hair to insect feces. The fact that we–in the modern age of 2016 in America STILL have not gained the ability to have the open knowledge of WHAT we are buying and WHAT we are putting in to our bodies, speaks volume as to the level of tyrannical, deadly


control that the U.S. government and the Nazi associated food poisoners have enacted upon us– a duped, and suffering public

that they pummel with lies, misinformation, or simply NO information–when in fact, our very health and long term survival DEMANDS it.

The FDA states, “FDA encourages manufacturers to use labeling claims that state that a food product (or its ingredients, as appropriate) was not developed using bioengineering, genetic engineering, or modern biotechnology…” Therefore, they claim they
encourage it, yet do NOT ‘require’ labeling of GMO ingredients.
I urge you to contact the FDA and DEMAND a new revamping of food labeling nationwide in the U.S. which includes labeling IF a food or drink product contains GMO, and furthermore, a FULL and TRANSPARENT labeling of actually WHAT are in the so called NATURAL and ARTIFICIAL ingredients. The fact that an entire class of ingredients are missing for us to know about–under the guise of ‘natural’ or ‘artificial’ is unacceptable, and the fact that GMO’s are proven disease causers and we are NOT being told of their existence in food products we buy–is not only unacceptable– it is covert murder.   We must STOP being victims, and we must DO something about the abuses of the chemical killers of Monsanto and others.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration
10903 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20993
1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332)
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Having it All

When I was in high school, most of my friends and I skipped gym class, and went off somewhere to smoke cigarettes or party instead. When we did actually get caught or forced to participate in gym, most of us could barely make it around one loop of the quarter mile track without panting, wheezing, and feeling like we were going to keel over. We viewed–as did the music scene I was heavily into, the so called ‘jocks,’ as what they often were; mindless, sexist, homophobic jerks, that had no knowledge of or appreciation of anything outside of their mainstream, corporate backed, testosterone filled sports world. Certainly, they typically had no knowledge or care for the arts, such as fashion, music (to the degree we did), dance, photography, filmmaking, or fine art. While they were busy playing football or basketball, we were busy checking out the latest fashion magazine talking about the models and designers, or discussing revolutionary ideas, the French New Wave, fine art, or the CBGB’s or London punk scene–and of course, more partying.

There was of course, the occasional jock that also loved the same music we did. I remember one in particular, who was on the wrestling team, that had the Black Flag stripes tattooed on his arm. Who could argue he was sincere? Overall however, most so called ‘jocks’ were everything we were against. They’d harass us in the halls, and we’d fight right back.

This anti-exercise mind set of mine continued for many years, until finally one year, I decided to quit smoking. I replaced my addiction to tobacco, with the addiction of the adrenaline rush of jogging in my combat boots all around the city for many miles blasting music on my headphones. This lasted for years, until I finally got a bike. (LOL). Many years ago, I decided to take a class in martial arts. I was hooked. I still consider myself an amateur, but I loved the art form. I also started jogging again off and on, finally got a gym membership, and even more recently, took up mountain hiking, getting up to 12 and a half miles which I plan to soon beat. I had to start telling people I am not a jock, just an old school punk rocker, that quit partying hard.

Fortunately today, fitness is no longer just a game relegated to the so called jock mentality. Fitness has become trendy, and that’s a good thing. The majority of health problems in the U.S. and world are attributed to a lack of proper nutrition, enough clean water, good healthy diet, clean air, and exercise. A major health hazard–stress, is reduced by exercise. America, which has seen a rising epidemic of obesity in adults and children, is caused by poor diet, and lack of exercise.

New generations of kids and adults addicted to technology have greatly reduced their mobility and exercise. American government has made it cheaper to buy GMO tainted food and junk food, than to actually buy healthy, organic foods and drinks. In addition to certain math classes, cursive writing instruction, and the arts, sports programs and physical fitness classes are being eliminated in many schools nation wide. This is a tragedy.

The eradication of sports and physical fitness in schools, the promotion of poisoned foods with GMO’s and promotion of junk food, and the suppression of healthy, organic, all natural foods and drinks, combined with the promotion of dangerous over the counter and prescription drugs, is causing the decimation of children’s health. This agenda is based on nothing more than evil greed, against humanity.

The good news is, eating healthy and working out is becoming more and more popular. Whereas I got harassed over twenty years ago for being vegetarian by meat eaters, today, most of them commend me for my “healthy choice.” One does not have to be a jerk to love to get fit and stay fit. In today’s junk food, slave to the smart phone culture, the most radical thing a person can do is to reject the mainstream poison GMO food system, go organic, and get in the best, top, most physically fit condition one possibly can.

I’ve been ridiculously busy last month and this month, and missed my usual work out routines quite a bit, and I can totally feel it in every way. When I work out, I breathe better, sleep better, have less stress, have more energy, and am more productive. I am forcing myself to get on and stay on my usual routine. Working out is free, and in your power and control to do. No one can take that from you. It is also your right to decide what you put into your body. I dare you to work out– if you don’t, at least for a half hour, and at least 3 times a week, and I dare you to stop eating GMO’s if you do, and eat as healthy as you can. Your body, your mind, your job, will all be better for it. Let’s stop the stereotypes, and lets embrace our commonalities. We can care about life, culture, and others, and still get and stay fit. We can have and create massive energy and do great things.

You CAN have it all. Enjoy the new issue.

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