Best Music Report (Februrary 2018)


Kimbra states this week, “Primal Heart is about accepting ourselves with all that exists inside, realizing we are all made up of the same stories and fears. Having faith that despite all we encounter inside, we have the power to overcome and evolve. To turn our pain into strength. To keep trying to better ourselves and the world around us. It’s a path that takes immense courage because when you look at yourself clearly, there are things you’d rather not see. But I think it’s the only way to move forward.”

(courtesy: WBR)

One of the best new artists of our time, the lovely Kimbra has a stunning and unique voice who jumps from genre to genre brilliantly with ease.

With roots in the punk scene and an early punk band, MO is nothing short of brilliant and any other great word you can think of.


A phenomenal band, Warpaint are heartbreakingly perfect in every way.


We have adored Fiona Apple since she first burst on to the scene in the 90’s, and of course, were there for her first tour.  We usually hate covers, and Across the Universe is one of our favorite Beatles songs. Fiona here however, of course does it great justice, with a beautiful rendition, perfect for our times. and is a great mindset to strive for while you’re at it.

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