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Having a Healthy Love Life

By Elite Connections
A part of being healthy is having a healthy social life, love life, and sex life.
Many people get lonely around the holidays because they realize they don’t have someone to share the end of year celebrations with.  When it’s all said and done, it’s not about presents and material things, but having a special someone to help you reflect on your year and ring in the new one. Elite Connections reviews are full of happy couples that have found someone to go to those family dinners and New Year’s parties with. With the help of the best matchmakers, you can be one of them, too! Our Elite dating service will help find you many suitable bachelors and bachelorettes to kiss under the mistletoe. Here are the steps to help you find the priceless gift of love:  
1. Register for the dating agencies:

Swiping through dating apps and meeting in person just isn’t working anymore. Luckily, we have the best matchmakers to do all the work for you! Signing up for our Elite dating service guarantees that you will be set up on dates that are meaningful and full of potential. 

2. Always be positive with your thoughts:

There are many Elite Connections complaints from people that have had to unfortunately spend holidays alone. These bad memories make the holidays a difficult and troublesome time to navigate for many singles. However, if you focus on the past then you are denying the possibility of romance in the present! Being hopeful and optimistic will not only make you feel better, it is also incredibly attractive. When you think positively, you attract more positivity! 

3. Old friends might help:

Traveling back to your hometown for the holidays means you get to reconnect with family and old friends alike. You never know if your high school crush might finally admit that they liked you back then, too, and it could finally turn into something now! Reaching out to your old friends might help you meet new people and bring you closer to the one. 

4. Accept invitations and watch out for the best:

Your perfect partner is not going to knock on your door asking for you. You need to get out there and look! Accept party invitations and be social; at least for now on Zoom or similar. This increases your chances of meeting someone interesting and compatible with you. Our Elite dating service will help set things up for you if you don’t know where to start. 

5. Old wounds are to be healed up:
Elite Connections reviews report that couples take the holidays as a time to reflect and be grateful for their relationship. Whatever happened that year that might have hurt is less important now that you’ve made it through and are still together. If you’re single, you can also take this time to forgive the past and make room in your future. 
6. Make resolutions:

Make love a priority! Put it on your New Year’s Resolution list so you can have in mind that you are actively trying to find your life partner.

Some Elite Connections complaints are from people who didn’t make love a priority in their life and ended up alone because of that. By making love part of your resolutions you are putting importance in finding love, and once the best matchmakers find your soulmate you can keep love as a resolution to make sure you keep it.

7. Get out of your shell:

We know it’s scary to try new things and put yourself out there, but if you never try you will always fail. The Elite dating service makes sure that it’s an easy and comfortable process meeting someone new. 

With the holidays fast approaching, you’ll want to contact the best matchmakers now!

We can be reached at 1-800-923-4200, or by email at, so you’ll never have to spend another holiday alone. Reach Elite Connections  and see why this elite matchmaking service  has been matching quality singles for 27 years.  Contact the matchmakers at 800-923-4200

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Botox and Plastic Surgery: Yes or No?

Fitness Model Britt posing with dumbell. Photo by Glenn Francis of Date 9 February
2007, By Toglenn – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, WikiCommons.

Bruce Edwin gives free advice to aspiring models, actors, bands and singers here at The Hollywood Sentinel. Contact Bruce at the front of this site, or call 310-226-7176, and your question and answer to it may be published for the world to hear and see.

Should you get botox or plastic surgery? This audio clip here by model and talent manager Bruce Edwin gives you his opinion of should you, or shouldn’t you.

Textual and audio content (c) 2019, Bruce Edwin, Hollywood Sentinel, all world rights reserved.

Plastic Surgery and Botox: To Do or Not?

Fitness Model Britt posing with dumbell. Photo by Glenn Francis of Date 9 February
2007, By Toglenn – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, WikiCommons.

Most all major fashion magazine advertise and therefore support models and young adults and even those older, in using botox, and having plastic surgery done. But should you?

Starpower Management CEO and talent manager Bruce Edwin shares his opinion on the matter here below:

This textual and audio content is (c) 2019, Bruce Edwin Productions, Hollywood Sentinel, all world rights reserved.