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Botox and Plastic Surgery: Yes or No?

Fitness Model Britt posing with dumbell. Photo by Glenn Francis of Date 9 February
2007, By Toglenn – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, WikiCommons.

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Should you get botox or plastic surgery? This audio clip here by model and talent manager Bruce Edwin gives you his opinion of should you, or shouldn’t you.

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Plastic Surgery and Botox: To Do or Not?

Fitness Model Britt posing with dumbell. Photo by Glenn Francis of Date 9 February
2007, By Toglenn – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, WikiCommons.

Most all major fashion magazine advertise and therefore support models and young adults and even those older, in using botox, and having plastic surgery done. But should you?

Starpower Management CEO and talent manager Bruce Edwin shares his opinion on the matter here below:

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Joaquin Phoenix Defends Animal Rights

Joquain Phoenix; Photo credit: Jo-Anne McArthur

Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix  visited the BeFairBeVegan exhibition September 9th in Toronto, Canada at St. George Station,  just  before receiving the Toronto International Film Festival‘s first Tribute Actor Award alongside Meryl Streep.  Joaquin Phoenix’s surprise appearance stopped foot traffic during rush hour at St. George Station, where the BeFairBeVegan message is set to be broadcast for four weeks, along with a host of other ads across a broad range of media throughout the city, spanning eight weeks in total.

The St. George display has been described as “gripping and almost painful to take in, with photos of frightened animals are interspersed with true, horrific facts about the industries that exploit them, as well as powerful phrases such as ‘Imagine being born to be destroyed’ and ‘Imagine losing every one of your babies.’”

As a passionate vegan, Joaquin Phoenix has frequently lent his celebrity to support the cause of animal rights, expressing his support for BeFairBeVegan as early as 2016, when the campaign first launched in New York City.

BeFairBeVegan states, “Joaquin’s veganism is a real-life application of the same dedication to honesty and authenticity that he brings to his craft, characterized by his willingness to lay bare his raw, unmasked humanity for literally all the world to see. What makes Joaquin the finest actor of his generation is his absolute commitment to the sincerity we can feel when watching him perform. As a person of integrity, he clearly recognizes his connection with the voice of his conscience to be the very heart of his humanity. Seen in this light, it is clear why he is willing to be so gracious in taking time out (…) to stand in solidarity with the victims of the human desire for animal products.”

BeFairBeVegan’s Toronto chapter is running concurrently with a second phase recently launched in Montréal, following similar media takeovers in major cities including New York City, Seattle and Melbourne, where the ads prompted strong public reactions and even a last-minute rejection as a result of their unapologetic approach to the issue of animal use by humans.

BeFairBeVegan is an animal justice campaign run by the Colorado-based non-profit of the same name.

Hollywood Sentinel publisher Bruce Edwin states, “It is great that so many more human beings are becoming more evolved, so as to eliminate dead fish and dead animals from their diet. Vegetarianism is the next stage in human evolution, and Veganism is that even greater form of evolution beyond that.” Bruce adds, “If you would not torture, kill, and eat and wear your pet dog or cat, then why would you torture, kill, eat and wear a cow, pig, rabbit, chicken, or fish? All life is sacred, can feel, breathes and bleed and has pain. All life deserves  treated with compassion and respect. Go vegan. You will also be more healthy for it.”

For help going vegan, contact the office of Bruce Edwin at 310-226-7176.

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