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Joaquin Phoenix Defends Animal Rights

Joquain Phoenix; Photo credit: Jo-Anne McArthur

Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix  visited the BeFairBeVegan exhibition September 9th in Toronto, Canada at St. George Station,  just  before receiving the Toronto International Film Festival‘s first Tribute Actor Award alongside Meryl Streep.  Joaquin Phoenix’s surprise appearance stopped foot traffic during rush hour at St. George Station, where the BeFairBeVegan message is set to be broadcast for four weeks, along with a host of other ads across a broad range of media throughout the city, spanning eight weeks in total.

The St. George display has been described as “gripping and almost painful to take in, with photos of frightened animals are interspersed with true, horrific facts about the industries that exploit them, as well as powerful phrases such as ‘Imagine being born to be destroyed’ and ‘Imagine losing every one of your babies.’”

As a passionate vegan, Joaquin Phoenix has frequently lent his celebrity to support the cause of animal rights, expressing his support for BeFairBeVegan as early as 2016, when the campaign first launched in New York City.

BeFairBeVegan states, “Joaquin’s veganism is a real-life application of the same dedication to honesty and authenticity that he brings to his craft, characterized by his willingness to lay bare his raw, unmasked humanity for literally all the world to see. What makes Joaquin the finest actor of his generation is his absolute commitment to the sincerity we can feel when watching him perform. As a person of integrity, he clearly recognizes his connection with the voice of his conscience to be the very heart of his humanity. Seen in this light, it is clear why he is willing to be so gracious in taking time out (…) to stand in solidarity with the victims of the human desire for animal products.”

BeFairBeVegan’s Toronto chapter is running concurrently with a second phase recently launched in Montréal, following similar media takeovers in major cities including New York City, Seattle and Melbourne, where the ads prompted strong public reactions and even a last-minute rejection as a result of their unapologetic approach to the issue of animal use by humans.

BeFairBeVegan is an animal justice campaign run by the Colorado-based non-profit of the same name.

Hollywood Sentinel publisher Bruce Edwin states, “It is great that so many more human beings are becoming more evolved, so as to eliminate dead fish and dead animals from their diet. Vegetarianism is the next stage in human evolution, and Veganism is that even greater form of evolution beyond that.” Bruce adds, “If you would not torture, kill, and eat and wear your pet dog or cat, then why would you torture, kill, eat and wear a cow, pig, rabbit, chicken, or fish? All life is sacred, can feel, breathes and bleed and has pain. All life deserves  treated with compassion and respect. Go vegan. You will also be more healthy for it.”

For help going vegan, contact the office of Bruce Edwin at 310-226-7176.

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Do You Love Yourself Enough to Stop Abuse?

An Exclusive Interview With Author Veera Mahajan

Award Winning Author Veera Mahajan gives here an exclusive interview to Hollywood Sentinel, discussing her new book UNREPORTED: Learning to Live Free, concerning domestic abuse, and how to stop it.

“UNREPORTED; Learning to LIVE free” Author Veera Mahajan, Photo Credit: Leonard Monje.

It is better to be alone than to be lonely with someone who does not respect you or make you feel good about yourself.” –Veera Mahajan; UNREPORTED

“Unreported: Learning to LIVE Free” Author Veera Mahajan Reveals in her awarded book, how to spot signs of abuse, and even more importantly, how to leave an abusive relationship. The following details several excerpts from the powerful contents of that book, as well as additional advice exclusively from the author.

Esteemed Author, Mediator, and Public Speaker; Veera Mahajan is one of Malibu’s most valued community leaders. The beautiful and intelligent woman is also author of the critically acclaimed book “Unreported: Learning to LIVE free,” about recognizing and overcoming domestic abuse and stopping domestic violence. Veera Mahajan is also a highly praised Educator, Mediator, and Publisher, having created and published the landmark publication “Malibu Chronicle.”

As noted earlier on ABC News,  with a master’s degree in Dispute Resolution from the prestigious Pepperdine School of Law; Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Veera Mahajan leads a multi-faceted team of private clients; educating them on the causes and solutions of crisis and conflicts.

In the institutional, educational world, Veera successfully leads a position as Communications Coordinator; bridging understanding, and wisely teaching peacemaking for both the student-body and parents, as well as faculty. Through Veera’s guidance and expertise, students and peers learn to listen and respect each other, resolving conflicts with calmness and logic, rather than anger or violence.

A licensed Mediator; Veera’s motivation to help others lends itself to her work with attorney’s in resolving conflicts in the areas of business, and family among more. Her proven successes help save time, money, and most importantly–relationships.

Signs of Abuse to look for as detailed by “UNREPORTED” author Veera Mahajan, are the following:

–Abusers may beg you for forgiveness
–Abusers may try to buy your love back with gifts
–Abusers may shower you with praise
–Abusers may then hurt you physically or emotionally all over again

Veera states, “Once they know that you bought their excuses and you are back, they will turn back to the same perpetrator that they were. This is called the “cycle of abuse” or “honeymoon period.” It happens again. You have to look for patterns. If the behavior is not changing for good and keeps coming back, see that as the pattern–and run. It is not going to get better. They are only nice when they want to be forgiven, but they are not capable of maintaining the good behavior. You have to stop accepting the apologies, and see them for who they are, and figure out how to separate yourself from them. Believe that you deserve better and say “no” to abuse!”

Veera Mahajan; Exclusive Interview with The Hollywood Sentinel

Hollywood Sentinel: There is a great quote in your book which I love that states, “Do you know that you were born as good as anyone else? Well you were. No one has the right to make you feel afraid or make you feel bad about yourself.” What was the single most important thing that helped “you” get over your fear of others or of those that abused you?

Veera: Seeing my growing son, still afraid of his father when he was hitting him, killed the fear inside me and made me finally take the action that was so overdue. I finally decide to give up trying to beg him to stop abusing us instead I decide to “stop” accepting the abuse and I told him I was leaving him. That day I freed my sons and myself to live our lives the way we wanted to live and put and end to abuse.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s powerful Veera. You have stated that love is stronger thank hate. Please explain further why this is?

Veera Mahajan: It all starts with how much you love yourself. Since our childhood, we are taught to be nice to others and love others. Most of us are not taught or encouraged to love ourselves. Most of us never learned self care. Since the very beginning, we are made to feel bad about taking care of ourselves. We are told it is selfish if we think about our own happiness. So we learn to take care of other people and when we don’t get the care back, we start building resentment.

We expect people we care about to care about us and when we don’t get it, we are disappointed and hate it. Hate makes us fight and be mean to each other. If we teach our children to love themselves, they will have better expectations from their relationships. We expect less than respect because we don’t love ourselves enough to believe that we deserve the best.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s so true, I love that. What is the best way to achieve and maintain a positive mental attitude?

Veera: A healthy mind, and a healthy body! Taking care of your physical health by regular workout’s and maintaining healthy eating habits will make you feel better about yourself. Feeling good about yourself is very important for making sure you respect yourself in all aspects of your life, whether it is in business or personal situations. Taking care of your physical self lets you see the positive results.

Once you learn that positive things happen with healthy habits, it teaches you to build a healthy and positive attitude towards everything else you do in life. So, I think to maintain a positive attitude; maintain a healthy body. It takes a positive self-image and positive mental attitude to maintain good physical health.

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Giraffes In Danger!

Photo by Tanya Sanerib, Center for Biological Diversity. Used with kind courtesy.

Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration’s Failure to Protect Giraffes

Conservation groups today sued the Trump administration for failing to consider protections for Africa’s rapidly dwindling giraffe population under the Endangered Species Act.

Today’s lawsuit, filed in federal court in Washington, D.C, comes weeks after the International Union for the Conservation of Nature updated its assessment of Africa’s giraffes, reaffirming the species is “vulnerable” to extinction and classifying two subspecies as “critically endangered.”

The suit challenges the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s refusal to act on an April 2017 petition seeking Endangered Species Act protection for giraffes. The agency was required to respond within 90 days, but 19 months have passed without action.

“Giraffes capture our imaginations from childhood on, but many people don’t realize how few are left in the wild,” said Tanya Sanerib, international legal director at the Center for Biological Diversity. “Instead of throwing these unique animals a lifeline under the Endangered Species Act, Trump officials are twiddling their thumbs. Trump will be to blame if future generations know giraffes only as toys and not the long-necked icons of Africa.”

Fewer than 100,000 giraffes remain in the wild, and the population dropped nearly 40 percent over the past three decades. The species is gravely imperiled by habitat loss, civil unrest, and illegal hunting for meat, and is also threatened by the international trade in bone carvings, skins and trophies.

Anna Frostic, managing wildlife attorney for the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International, said: “The United States cannot stand idly by and allow thousands of U.S. imports of giraffe parts every year without any regulation while these animals are on a path to extinction. It is time that the United States stands tall for giraffes and gives this at-risk species the protection that it urgently needs.”

Endangered Species Act protection would help track and curb imports of giraffe bones, trophies and other parts and increase funding for conservation efforts in Africa. On average the United States imports more than one giraffe hunting trophy a day, and the country imported more than 21,400 giraffe-bone carvings between 2006 and 2015.

 “Giraffes are headed toward extinction, in part due to our country’s importation of giraffe parts and trophies. It’s shameful — though unsurprising — that the Interior Department has refused to protect them under the Endangered Species Act and I hope the courts will agree.” –Elly Pepper, deputy director of NRDC’s Wildlife Trade Initiative

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., by the Center for Biological Diversity, Humane Society International, Humane Society of the United States and Natural Resources Defense Council.

NRDC works to safeguard the earth—its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. We combine the power of more than two million members and online activists with the expertise of some 500 scientists, lawyers, and policy advocates across the globe to ensure the rights of all people to the air, the water, and the wild.

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