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How to Keep Kids Safe In Hollywood

I was interviewing musicians last year, and  met a young 19 year old woman here in Hollywood who told me she had been raped 4 times. The first time was when she was just 12 years old…

It didn’t take long for me to realize why this occurred. At 16 years of age, her mother let her move out of the house and live on her own, because ‘that’s the way “she” was raised.’ So essentially, this child had practically no adult supervision. Her father had died when she was young, and her mother was not much of a mother at all, but rather, simply a body who gave birth to her young, and then, worse than some animals, let her own young go off into the wild– fending for herself at no matter what the outcome.  At 12, this young girl had no parents to speak of. Her mother was absent, her father was dead, and she got in a relationship with a young adult who violated the sanctity of her body, mind and soul.

Sadly, she told me that she had trouble speaking with people. I spent about an hour outside in public, coaching her for free not only on the music industry, but on the importance of staying ‘clean,’ off drugs, so that she could maintain her good judgement and be more safe, and to only surround her self with people that were ‘clean’ that had moral values. I think she listened.

1, The first important thing to note in order to keep your child safe in Hollywood, is to be there. Be a parent.

2, Don’t buy in to the mainstream media lie that children should be sexualized and every child and teenager should look like and be a tramp.

3, Know what your child is into, and be their friend, so that they are comfortable communicating with you about anything and everything. It’s better to be shocked by hearing about things from your child or their friends that could happen, before they happen, and prevent them, rather than be shocked about things after they happen, that could harm your child, when it’s too late.

4 Let your child be a child. Don’t try to make them grow up too fast. If they want to play with block or dolls, let them. If they want to be silly, allow them to be silly. Don’t stifle their spirit. Let them have fun. Let them dream. Let them believe in the impossible.

5, Give them hope and encouragement.

6, Don’t tell them ‘no’ all the time. Instead, teach them values and consequences, and teach them right and wrong based on a workable moral principle. Teach them to make right decisions on their own.

7, Teach your child good morals, and be a good example yourself.

8, Teach them to have good self esteem. The better self esteem a child has, the less chance they have of becoming a victim. When one respects and honors them self, they will not be an easy target of abuse.

9, Teach your child how to be true to them self and their own sense of morality.

10, Never leave your child alone, unattended in the entertainment industry; whether for a casting, audition, interview with an agent or manager, acting school, modeling go see, job on set, or anything in the industry. Be there with your child at all times. Have them in your sight. Do not let any entertainment industry exec–no matter how rich, famous, or impressive–ever take your child off away from you behind closed doors! Keep them in your sight at all times. If you can’t be there with them then wait until you can–don’t make exceptions just even once. If necessary, let them wait until they turn 18.

I hope this has helped many of you. For more free information on how to keep your child safe in Hollywood, read this article here published every week, or for specific questions, contact me through this site on the contact button on the top front page. If you know about someone who is a suspected child abuser or trafficker that has not yet been brought to justice, contact The Office of Bruce Edwin directly at 310-226-7176.

If you know a parent with children that could benefit from this information, you are invited to forward this link to them.

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How to Keep Kids Safe In Hollywood

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming article by Bruce Edwin, titled
“The Problem of Porn”

Child Sex Abuse in Hollywood

Child abuse in Hollywood, perpetrated by pedophiles who work in the industry, or at times–pretend to work in it–is according to former child star Corey Feldman and others, widespread. According to Mr. Feldman, one particular hugely popular and powerful Hollywood mogul is a pedophile that has raped children. Feldman, who reportedly brought his own abuse case to the Los Angeles Police Department, stated that unfortunately, due to statute of limitation laws, there was little that could be done.

Another recent film about abuse in Hollywood, which debuted in 2015, called ‘The Open Secret,’ detailed cases of child rape accusations against one A-list movie producer, among others. One children’s talent agent even went so far as to go an camera admitting that he had sex with young boys that were underage, but that they wanted it, and it wasn’t that bad of a thing to do. A 4th grade substitute teacher was recently fired for showing a reality show to the children in class in which the participants are all nude, with their genitalia barely blurred out. Daily, we read of instances in which children are rescued, or pedophile trafficking rings are busted, throughout the world.


Mental Illness in Teens and Children

Scarification of the 90’s turned into the cutter scene of the 2000’s, in which kids would cut themselves repeatedly with a knife, razor blade, or other sharp object, to feel alive.


Emotionally dead or wounded, mental illness among teens and young adults sky rocketed, with waves of mass shootings perpetrated by young kids; the majority, having found to have been treated by psychiatrists and on psychiatric drugs.

Psychiatric Brutality

According The Los Angeles Times several years ago, the biggest killer in the U.S. had now become pharmaceutical drugs. Major pharmaceutical companies increased their agenda to make and sell more drugs, with the psychiatric industry creating more labels of mental illness, and prescribing more and more psychiatric drugs to adults, teenagers, children, and even babies. Destroying kids sanity in the name of sanity, and eroding their sense of right and wrong, with drugs that allege to cure depression or psychosis yet that often cause it, Big Pharma and the Psych industry single handedly went on to destroy the lives of more children than any other cause.

The following are 10 Steps to Keeping your Kids Safe in Hollywood

1, Do not condemn them. Let them be able to tell you about anything, so they are not afraid to communicate with you. When you are a friend that cares for them, they will not have a reason to be adversarial, and will be more willing to tell you honestly what is happening in their life. Naturally, you still need to discipline them, but you can discipline from a point of friendship and rationality, rather than fear and bullying.


2, Know where your kids are at all times. Consider getting a GPS tracking device that you insist they keep on them, that you can monitor on your phone. I will discuss these more in a later issue.

3, Never leave your child anywhere by them self in the entertainment industry

4, Don’t put your kids on psychiatric drugs! If they are so called hyperactive, they are probably on too much caffeine or need to get more physical activity. If they are depressed, they need a better diet or may be being bullied. Communicate–not drug!

5, Teach your kids that dangers of unprotected sex at a young age, and the risks of being sexual at a young age.


6, Don’t let your child be photographed or filmed by anyone you do not know or trust. Be there during any filming of your child.

7, Be aware of your child’s online activity. Many child sex predators reach kids through the internet, pretending to be someone they are not.

8, Teach your kids good self esteem. The better they fee about themselves, the less chance they have of being a victim.

9, Don’t use bad language in front of your child, and teach them not to as well. Teach them decency and class.

10, Don’t argue in front of your kids. If you are fighting with your partner or spouse, take it away from the kids. Children model the actions of what they are exposed to, and if they are exposed to abuse in any form, will often either become an abuser, or drawn to an abuser later in life.

If you have specific questions about keeping your kids safe in Hollywood, or need free help with an area of concern with your children in Hollywood, feel free to call the office of Bruce Edwin at 310-226-7176 or e-mail StarpowerManagementLLC @ gmail dot com for free help.

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Keeping Kids Safe In Hollywood

Some of this information has been published by us before, however, it needs repeated over and over so that we maximize every opportunity we have to reach as many parents and kids as possible with this hugely valuable and crucially important information.

While the Hollywood Sentinel reports ‘only the good news,’ we also believe in being realists, and confronting the greatest form of evil on the planet–child sex abuse. The GOOD news is, we can get the word out there, we can stand up to the abusers, and we can help prevent more children from falling prey to these perpetrators.

The Hollywood Sentinel’s Bruce Edwin has had the pleasure to meet both Evan Henzi and Corey Feldman as seen in the clip below. We applaud them both for their strength and bravery in coming forward to do something to help put a stop to the disgusting travesty of child sex abuse in Hollywood.

Corporate Prophet Ad

Protecting Children

We are pleased about the news of pedophile and child rapist Jared Fogle getting 15 and a half years  in a federal prison.  While we can think of a far more fitting justice for Fogle, at least some justice is being served. He will reportedly serve around 13 years of this sentence. Thank you to federal prosecutors who did not relent in this manner. Former Subway spokesman Fogle engaged in the statutory rape  of two children, and contributed to the creation of child porn of 12 other child sex victims by drugging them and getting them drunk, and also failing to report the creation of child porn he knew about and used.


Child Trafficking Prevention

The cause of child sex trafficking prevention is slowly and gradually starting to become more newsworthy and more a cause of celebrities.

FACT: The majority of child trafficking cases are not reported, or are largely under-reported, ignored, or buried by mainstream media.


1) Subject matter. Many are too afraid or not willing to confront what is truly the most evil, ugly subject matter on the planet.

2) Fighting trafficking is a dangerous job. Many traffickers at the top level up the chain are connected to gangs, organized crime, drug traffickers and militia groups, and yes– at times politicians, heads of state, and other top persons in positions of power and public attention. Most mainstream media are unwilling to confront top power avenues, particularly if their lives or jobs are at stake for naming names.

3) When fighters of trafficking are found out, or engage in direct confrontation, they are often met with death threats, covert attempts on their life, or armed attack. Some are murdered.


Some so called independent media  which advertise alcohol, pot, pills, porn, and prostitution, have the audacity to run lying articles stating that the problem of child trafficking is not as big as certain groups state. Wrong, it is BIGGER.

Super Bowl Trafficking:  Sites including ‘snopes’ attempts to report that there is no significant increased incidents of child trafficking during and at cities which host the Super Bowl. Our contacts prove that so called myth de-bunking a LIE. The stats DO rise.

Many conservative laws treat pimped children as criminals. Traffickers often use this fact to scare children further into reporting them, with the kids fearing that they will be arrested for prostitution if they go to try get help or get away.

(Note: We do thank the City of Los Angeles for their recent change of laws concerning no longer treating child victims of sex abuse as criminals or prostitutes).

Stopping Child Trafficking Entails Five Main Areas:

1, Self Esteem: The more self esteem a child has, the better chance they have at not being a victim.

This entails how the media portrays women and children in the media, which play a big role in how young girls and boys view themselves and treat others. When for example, a U.S. presidential candidate repeats vulgar obscenities describing female body parts, to be used as a degrading insult to attack an opponent (language once only found in ‘R’ rated films, and when media repeats such obscenities over and over, it not only degrades culture, it lowers the value placed on women and young girls.

Teach Self Worth

Teach your child that they are valuable, and they their self worth has nothing to do with sex or their body. The self esteem of far too many women and girls, especially those in Hollywood or aspiring to ‘make it’ in Hollywood, succumb to the wrong idea that they are only valuable to the degree that they are wanted sexually or romantically by a man. This is false, and is a ploy that pedophiles often use as a tool to manipulate young women and children. Teach your children self esteem, and that they have immense value as a human being, which can not be taken away by anyone, even if they are hurt, or told otherwise. Teach your children to be strong and powerful–NOT victims.

Do NOT let your kids give out their personal info. to anyone that you do not know and trust.

2, Education: Kids need educated as to how traffickers work, what they do, and how to spot them and prevent being abused. Don’t scare your kids. Teach them the fact that most of society is safe, and that people ‘are’ basically good. But do teach them the reality of child trafficking and child abduction and abuse, and how they can prevent being a victim of it.

3, Rescue: Finding and Locating Traffickers and Rescuing Children: With the exception of a few, most anti-child sex trafficking groups do not even find or locate abusers and bust them, or rescue children. Most merely serve as a so called ‘safe house’ to indoctrinate kids with their political or religious agenda, when they are most vulnerable, after they are rescued. More groups need to be formed that actually locate abusers and kids, and rescue them, bringing abusers to justice.

4, Housing: Taking Care of Kids after they have been rescued, providing them a safe place, and making sure that they do not repeat the cycle.  At this stage, kids don’t need preached to or made to feel wrong, or required to listen to indoctrination or coerced to sign up for anything. Also, they should not be put on pills or other drugs which will further dehumanize and control them.

5, Promotion: Letting the public know about the reality of trafficking and how they can also help us stop it.

Be there with your child every minute at any meeting, casting, audition, go-see, class, job, or interview for an agent, manager, casting director, or the like. Be there. You have a right to be. If they don’t like it, or say you can’t, walk out, and call ME and I will deal with them for you personally.

There is much, much more we need to discuss concerning this topic, but this is a start.  I hope this has helped many of you.

-Bruce Edwin

If you have any questions or comments, you are invited to contact Bruce Edwin directly through the front page of

If you know about someone who is a suspected child abuser or trafficker that has not yet been brought to justice, contact The Office of Bruce Edwin directly at 310-226-7176.

Ten percent of all profit of The Office of Bruce Edwin Productions, The Hollywood Sentinel, Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations, and Starpower Management goes to help fight child sex trafficking and the abuse of children in Hollywood.

Bruce Edwin is a film producer, model and talent manager, public relations expert, and publisher of The Hollywood Sentinel, which publishes ‘only the good news.’ His firm works with some of the most powerful and biggest names in entertainment in the world of music, film, fashion, art and business.

If you know a parent with children that could benefit from this information, you are invited to forward this link to them.


Today, two cultural forces are converging to make America’s youth easy targets for sex traffickers. Younger and younger girls are engaging in adult sexual attitudes and practices, and the pressure to conform means thousands have little self-worth and are vulnerable to exploitation. At the same time, thanks to social media, texting, and chatting services, predators are able to ferret out their victims more easily than ever before. In Walking Prey, advocate and former victim Holly Austin Smith shows how middle class suburban communities are fast becoming the new epicenter of sex trafficking in America. Smith speaks from experience: Without consistent positive guidance or engagement, Holly was ripe for exploitation at age fourteen. A chance encounter with an older man led her to run away from home, and she soon found herself on the streets of Atlantic City. Her experience led her, two decades later, to become one of the foremost advocates for trafficking victims. Smith argues that these young women should be treated as victims by law enforcement, but that too often the criminal justice system lacks the resources and training to prevent the vicious cycle of prostitution. This is a clarion call to take a sharp look at one of the most striking human rights abuses, and one that is going on in our own backyard.

This content is ©2016, Bruce Edwin, The Hollywood Sentinel, all rights reserved.