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Stopping Child Sexual Abuse

A law firm representing a 13-year-old female swimmer referred to as Jane Doe due to her age,  alleges that she was sexually assaulted numerous times by her swim coach,  beginning when she was 12-years-old. She also claims in her lawsuit that one the swimming organization failed to implement training that which, if implemented, would have resulted in the reporting of the alleged abusers predatory grooming behavior displayed on a regular basis at both practices and swim meets before numerous coaches and swim officials.

The “red flag” grooming behavior reportedly included the coach staying with the minor in a hotel during out of town meet, engaging in social media interactions with her concerning personal matters, referring to her with pet names such as “babe” and his open display of provocative stretching and massages on the pool deck. The ongoing grooming of the minor reportedly continued for months and culminated with the adult swim coach committing statutory rape of the child in his vehicle while in the club’s parking lot.

There have allegedly been many other reports of rape of children at this same organization, with some coaches who have been arrested, and others who are already serving time in prison.

Hollywood Sentinel publisher and Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin states, “Parents need to pay very close attention to what their children are doing, who they are with, and who is supervising them. Do ‘not’ let your child take swimming lessons unless they are in public, or unless you are there to also supervise. ‘Never’ trust a stranger to care for your child.  And just because  someone is an instructor or has any other level of authority or skill in a sport or area of entertainment, never assume that they are a trustworthy person!” Bruce adds, “You have to be there, 100% for your child. Also, you need to think about what your child is wearing. Don’t let their lack outfits be magnets for pedophiles. Make them have decency. Lastly, don’t let anyone film your child without your consent. Be like a friend to them, and be there for them.”

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Dua Lipa Dominates with Electricty

Dua Lipa recently dropped “Electricity” with Silk City, which is a brilliant and beautiful dance cut with smooth acid house beats and a jazzy, big Motown feel that soars. With a stellar voice, and  unique pop cuts blending multiple genres, Dua rocks. “The Pace” below, is a beautiful and searing dance cut fusing pop, acid house, rock and more.

Friday October 19th was the release date of Dua Lipa – Complete Edition– a new extended version of her debut album that includes “Electricity” her brand new collaboration with Silk City (Mark Ronson and Diplo), her previous collaborations with Martin Garrix and Sean Paul, fan favorites “Want To” and “Running” and a new track “Kiss and Make Up” with k-pop superstars BLACKPINK (pictured below).

After a year of #1 hit singles, sold out shows and record breaking streaming figures, Dua Lipa has become the biggest breakout artist in the world. She is the #1 most streamed female artist on Spotify and is the first and only female artist in history to have 4 lead songs with over 500 Million Spotify streams.

She has also just spent 8 weeks at #1 in the UK this summer with her million plus selling hit “One Kiss” – the most weeks at number one for a female artist this century. The video for her smash hit single “`New Rules” is now sitting at over 1.3 billion views on YouTube.

Already collecting major accolades at the top of 2018, Dua scooped two BRIT Awards after being nominated in five categories, performed to 85 million people at the UEFA Champion League Football final and has sold over 3 million albums and 32 million singles worldwide.

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ANYONE can be a JERK. It takes GREATNESS to be KIND.

Elsie Fisher stars in Eighth Grade, Written and Directed by Bo Burnham. Photo by Linda Kallerus, with kind courtesy of A24.

In our modern age of instant and non-stop news, political mayhem, and social divide,  living day to day for many, can be a challenge. Hundreds of millions throughout the world are addicted to news, most of which they prefer that simply aims to reinforce their political beliefs. No matter how extreme those views are; one can find newscasters, preachers, supporters and groups to belong to that match their convictions.

It feels “good” to think we are morally right.  It feels even better to know we are right. And it feels perhaps best yet to share our belief in our “rightness” with others, who agree with our views.  It also feels good to many, to attempt to practice what one considers moral and intellectual superiority over another.

Why not “preach to the converted,” when those who think and feel like we do, offer a safe space for our feelings, will not invalidate our viewpoints, and will not challenge our beliefs? 

The ego, which drives the mind of many a human, is a fragile, tender thing. It needs fed, it needs fueled, and–dare it be called in to question; it needs entertained.

And thus, the safely of “challenging” our ego by stepping outside of our little boxes of those with whom agree with us, is safely fed, by the conspicuous, yet covertly “anonymous” game of social media.

The “flame wars” of the 2000’s internet junkies, have been replaced by the “trolls” and “haters,” who–like any parasite, feed on their host until they can suck their life force no more, and then move on to the next victim.

“ANYONE can be a JERK. It takes GREATNESS to be KIND.”  

In an age when American politics have lost the common decency of a social veneer of politeness and feigned respect,  and denigrated into a  fowl gutter of moral turpitude and hate filled morass, the true face of American government has at once, been un-masked.

And yet, while the insatiable ego’s of presidents, politicians, newscasters, and private citizens tirelessly yearn for more chances to feel “right” and make others wrong, the reality is; such an existence is as tiring, as it is unmistakably devoid of real worth.

Simply put, it’s not fun to be angry. And the person always seeking to make themselves right be making the other side wrong, will inevitably run into anger; that dwindling fire of modern politics.

Anger kills. If not quickly and overtly; by violence and death, then slowly and covertly; by stress and disease. There is nothing good about being angry, and certainly not on a prolonged basis. And yet such is the state that American news and political hegemony wants you in.

I encourage you today, to pretend like nothing matters but your well-being, your happiness, your peace of mind, and your relaxed state of existence. Pretend for a day, that everything is fine, that the Sun will keep shining, that your life will keep on living, and that you will find a new reason to smile. Skip the news for a day, and listen to nothing upsetting from anyone for a full day. Fill your mind and your day with things that make you happy, that improve the world, and that make you feel good, without making others wrong.

Pretend for a day that happiness and peace is something you deserve for one day. And if you mess up, don’t be mad at yourself. Start over again tomorrow. Try this for a day, and I’ll bet you, you will be tempted to try it again– and again, and again.  And do you know what? That would not be such a horrible thing, if you had a long row of happy days, now would it? For this is our birthright.

We were not made to suffer, and we were not designed to make others suffer either. We are meant to be happy. 

Try it now, and spread the love. –Peace.

© 2018, Bruce Edwin, Hollywood Sentinel


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