End the Tyranny–Music Is Essential!

Would you have told The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, or Janis Joplin that they are  non-essential workers?  Musicians ARE essential, and so are concerts.  Certain tones of music has been scientifically proven to heal. Music travels on sound waves which enter the body and effect the nervous system, heart, mind, and soul. To most anyone with open ears and an open heart, great music lifts up their spirit and can give one happiness and hope for a better tomorrow.

Children and teenagers are particularly impacted powerfully by music, which can help lift them out of depression, feelings of isolation, and despair. Music is scientifically proven to be therapeutically healing. The branch of music therapy exists for this fact alone.

Human beings are social creatures. The communal aspect of seeing and enjoying great music with others is a healing, spiritual moment for many. Indeed, live concert performances by performing artists should be deemed as essential as a public church service.

The move by certain city, county, state and federal authorities to deny the rights of adults and young people the right to see concerts, and to deny the rights of the artist the very purpose they were put forth on this earth to do–to make a living performing–is a criminal act. It is appalling, and it is unconstitutional.

American citizens did not vote for an adult baby sitter. We know the risks of the virus by now.  We know how the number of deaths from the virus is but a fraction of not even one percent of the population.  We know that the majority of those cases had other underlying health problems.

We know how the the excuse for the shutdown was initially based on the faulty model of John Hopkins University, and the reason given was so as not to overwhelm the hospitals. We know that the hospitals are NOT overwhelmed, and that people who needed other medical treatment suffered, as a result of the U.S. health care industry focusing ONLY on Covid cases. We know that the reason now given for the shutdown is so there are not a great number of fatalities. The justification to take away our freedoms and the end date keeps changing and extending. And this is NOT OK.

Some predict the virus could be around forever. We pray not. Will you consent to live as a  hermit locked up in your home, never again going to a concert, gym, church, or event with 96% of society shut down for the rest of your life?! LIFE is a risk. Being a frightened hermit is not living. 

The flu vaccine fails around 60% of the time, and around 55% of Americans don’t get it. A vaccine is not going to save the world from the virus.  Half of Americans may not get it, it will not create herd immunity, and it will have a significant failure rate, because man–despite his arrogance–is not God, and has not conquered nature.  Some vaccines pose health risks themselves.  Waiting for a vaccine to get our freedoms back is NOT an option. Freedom is non-negotiable and has no contingencies.

Those that value life, freedom, and music must fight for their rights and help fight to END this unconstitutional suspension of our human rights to liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness and right to peaceably assemble.

Anything less than an IMMEDIATE end to the shutdown NOW is unacceptable. Those that WANT to hide and stay home CAN. Those that WANT to wear a mask (that does nothing unless it is N95) CAN. Those that do not want to wear a mask–should not have to. If a mask actually worked–than those that wore them would not have to worry about those that didn’t.  People are smart enough to know the risks of the virus. Those that want to wear masks at concerts can.

Those that WANT to be a free human being, perform, sing, gig, tour, dance, and go to clubs and concerts MUST have that right NOW. 

Stand for freedom. And stand for MUSIC. MUSIC IS LIFE. 

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