Ghislaine Maxwell: Trafficker Busted

We applaud the arrest and prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein cohort; alleged child rapist / trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell

Another one of the reported leaders of one of the main, global, satanic child trafficking rings has been caught and busted; Ghislaine Maxwell, the vile creature who allegedly lured children into the lair of child rapist and trafficker Jefferey Epstein, so they could both abuse them and pimp them out to many of the rich, famous, and powerful–has been arrested.

Those that think the global network of evil child abusers and traffickers is now down or gone–think again. There are many less famous and not known, just as powerful.  Think of it as busting one of the worlds largest heroin or cocaine dealers. Does the supply and demand dry up and delivery stop when the top dealer is busted? No. Of course not. The drugs simply trickle over to other dealers and other sources of power.

Make no mistake about it–this is a great thing that Maxwell is busted. Presuming she is not suicided beforehand, she will hopefully be forced to name names before she is sentenced. This will send a message to many of the sick, demented scum that would pay for children, and make them think twice in the future about doing it again.