How to Be Fearless in Hollywood

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How to Succeed In Hollywood 

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Lessons for Success in Hollywood:

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make again and again in pursuing their career in Hollywood, is having a loser, wimpy attitude.

1, Don’t Over-Communicate.

If an agent, manager, producer, casting director, producer, etc. asks you a question, answer the question, and nothing else. Don’t sound impersonal or like a robot, but don’t ramble and make the other party start daydreaming and wonder when you are going to shut up.

2, Don’t Under-Communicate

If someone asks you a series of open-ended questions, don’t let all your answers be yes or no. Show some personality and life. Use this as a chance to build a rapport, compliment the other person, and sell your skills and talent.

3, Don’t Miscommunicate

Be accurate with your word and what you state! If you say you are going to do something or can do something, do it! Read if you have not, a great book called ‘The Four Agreements’, which is a great book to teach you how to help build, strengthen, and maintain good character and integrity.

4, Assume what you want!

I see so many people fail, because they ask, instead of assume. If I wanted to talk with you, would I find your email, and then get up the nerve to email you and ask in an email if you might maybe possibly be a little bit interested sometime one day in maybe talking with me?  Would I sound like a loser?! Yes!

What I would do instead, would be to read up on you, find something in common, find your number, and call you, and explain to you tactfully in about 15 seconds why you are lucky to be talking with me.

5. Be Fearless!

Hollywood not for the timid. If you are meek and shy, reconsider working in an industry that requires you be tough, bold, and audacious. Until you master those traits, consider another field. You can’t be afraid of rejection. You can’t be afraid of a cold call. You can’t be afraid of an open call or a cold read. You can’t be shy in front of a crowd.

6. Don’t Listen to Critics or Haters 

These things seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many people I have seen that think they are going to be a famous actor or model, but that are as shy as can be, uncomfortable talking with people, and shudder at the thought of rejection. Certainly, I have seen such people succeed, but they are miserable! Be fearless, and confident in who you are. As my friend Dr. Terry Cole Whittaker states in the title of her book, “What you Think of Me is None of My Business!” 

Unless it supports and reinforces you, or unless you use it to improve your craft and make yourself stronger and better, don’t worry about what others think of you.  Behind most critics is a person secretly wanting to have the guts to try and do what you do. 

7. Get Physical! 

A good way to get fearless in an area emotionally, is to do something really strenuous, difficult, or even a little bit dangerous physically, such as boxing, skiing, diving, etc. Work yourself up into a sweat, and get proficient in the sport or physical activity. When you then think about or go back to confront the mental and emotional task such as audition, or a meeting, you will find that it is really nothing, and so easy compared to what you have just done. 

This is one of the many reasons why physical exercise daily, is so important. In addition to boosting your self esteem, and putting things in better perspective, you will feel better in all other areas, and contribute beneficially to every area of improving your health, and your life. 

8. Get Trained 

Get educated in your craft, study and train with the best, train daily until you are a master in your area, and become fearless. Never give up, and never let someone else’s opinion of you define who you are.

If you are an actor, study acting, the greats from the classical days of Hollywood, and find the best coach to train with today. 

If you are a model, you don’t need a modeling school, but you do need great photos, and you need to know how to pose. A dance and acting class would be a good idea.

If you are a musician, get in a great music school or find a great tutor, who plays even better than you, that you can learn from.

If you are a singer, get a great vocal coach, even if you think you are on key. Find and work with the best. 

9. Be Yourself, and Become Great! 

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