Age of Innocence

By Moira Cue

Age of Innocence 2016

Edith Wharton’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Age of Innocence, details life among the upper class of New York Society during the late 19th century. Like many Pulitzer Prize winning novels, this story, too, became a Hollywood movie, most recently in 1993, seventy-two years after the original story won the Pulitzer in 1921.


The first film adaptation was a silent film released by Warner Brothers in 1924. The second version was released in 1934 by RKO Studios. 

The third adaptation was directed by Martin Scorsese and starred Daniel Day-Lewis as the novel’s protagonist, Newland Archer, and Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder as his competing love interests, the Countess Olenska and May Welland, respectively.

The novel succeeds in capturing perennial attention because Wharton (born in 1862) wrote so precisely about what she knew, the high society New York she witnessed as a child. Even among Pulitzer Prize winners, Wharton’s gift is remarkable.

Her ability to render the psychic arcana of a small clique of wealthy families is almost overshadowed by the encyclopedic density of allusions and references to artistic, cultural, and historical minutiae specific to Old New York Society circa 1875 which literally require footnotes. If you read Wharton’s footnotes thoroughly, you will learn about down to its buttonholes (which Newland Archer adorned with a single flower, preferably a gardenia). You will also learn about Europe at the time, to a lesser extent.

For one who is more accustomed to reading contemporary fiction, the humanity of Wharton’s characters really doesn’t compel or shine through until the reader’s mind has adjusted to the ramifications of (literary) time travel, as well as the culture shock of glimpsing behind the veil of an elite social strata where money and position is something you inherit rather than something you earn.


But rest assured, if you are patient, you will not only adjust to but enjoy the stylization, and before you realize, the story will sink its hook in. This is a Symbolist story, which, to oversimplify, represents the relationship of New York to Europe as America approaches the turn of the 19th century. The story begins as Countess Olenska, born in New York, having been seduced by a European rake and the tolerance of his set for infidelity, has returned to her own kind, where she longs for a certain purity. Ultimately, having been “contaminated” by European aristocratic decay, it is only in renouncing a future in New York that she becomes an unlikely guardian of its ideal—an ideal which progress disintegrates within a generation.

Newland Archer is engaged to May Welland but falls desperately infatuated with the Countess. He is smitten by her inappropriate behavior and disregard for social norms because she is natural in her emotions, and surrounded by “interesting” artists and literary types. He wants to break off the engagement and even after he is married, his tortured longing continues.

The addictive elements of the plot structure are delayed gratification and suspense, which can almost feel formulaic. Ironically, the realism of Newland Archer is most evident and moving at the end of the novel. The book’s final scene takes place in Europe when Newland is older and wiser, closer to the “contemporary time” of publication of the novel. In this scene, Newland’s hollowness is revealed, movingly, as his most contemporary psychic characteristic, made poignant by the reverberation of all the “stuff” around him: the serving platters, the customs, the parties, the mannerisms. Newland Archer’s emptiness, born of a life constructed by exterior social forces, is transformed by noble restraint into a shrine of the memory of dualistic love: the love that never was to be, and the love his world made room for.

Age of Inocence


10 More Things about Wharton

  1. The battle between The Academy of Music and The Metropolitan Opera House

The Metropolitan Opera House was organized by Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt in 1883 as a competitor to the established Academy of Music in New York when despite her husband’s tremendous wealth, she was unable to procure a box at the Academy of Music. The Vanderbilts were considered at that time “interlopers” by Old New York, much like the characters the Beauforts, who are extremely wealthy, but considered “vulgar” by the old monied families accustomed to running elite society. The latter venue is where the opening scene of The Age of Innocence takes place, with the explanation: “Though there was already talk of the erection, in remote metropolitan distances “above the Forties,” of a new Opera House which should compete in costliness and in splendor with those of the great European capitals, the world of fashion was still content to reassemble every winter in the shabby red and gold boxes of the sociable old Academy.”

  1. “Pardon my Latin”

Archer Newland, whose family stood as a pillar of Old New York, was so well-bred that when astounded or exasperated, he the uttered Latin phrase “Santa Simplicitas!” (or, “Holy Simplicity”) rather than cuss. Sounds a little more elegant than “freakin.”

  1. Cult Phenomenon

Edith Wharton, like a few other beloved Pulitzer winners such as Ernest Hemmingway or Margaret Mitchell, is a cult phenomenon, even today. Ms. Wharton’s estate (The Mount) made headlines in The New York Times in September of 2015 when the Edith Wharton House Museum, her former home in Lennox, Massachusetts, cleared its debt of $8.5 million. There is also an international membership organization dedicated to Wharton scholarship, the Edith Wharton Society, by Professor Annette Zilversmit in 1983. Her former home can be toured after its winter closure beginning again in May of 2016.

  1. Beyond Literature

Wharton’s impact goes far beyond literary circles. She is considered one of the mothers of the field of interior design, who understood proportion and balance far better than many of the fashionable designers of The Gilded Age. Her first book, the non-fiction The Decoration of Houses, co-authored with Ogden Codman, Jr., is considered influential and relevant today.

  1. First Woman

Wharton was the first woman to win a Pulitzer Prize, first to receive an honorary doctorate from Yale University, and first woman to obtain full membership in the American Academy of Arts and Letters. To be fair to the Pulitzers, Wharton’s was only the third award given, and in the Pulitzer’s first ten years, 40% of the novel awards went to female authors. During the last ten awards given, the Pulitzers for fiction have achieved gender parity at 50%.

  1. 100 Years of Change

The dawn of the 20th century was an exciting time where technological advances changed forever the way society functioned, much as the dawn of the 21st century has brought new advances in genetic sciences, the Internet, and mobile communication. It is only, for example, looking back from a vantage point where no matter where you are, your family can call and check in on you, that being “out” and using a pay phone or answering machine and then waiting rather than sending a text message seems “innocent.” In fact we have no excuse to ignore each other anymore other than “my cell phone battery died,” and even those of us who grew up without cell phones marvel with some envy the luxury of being gone and not being able to be digitally tracked.

The British ship Mauretania, which won the blue ribbon for speed in 1906, was the first to cross the Atlantic in less than five days; the first tunnel under the Hudson was opened 1904-5; the first powered airplane flight took place in 1903; electric lightning was established in New York when the Edison Illuminating Company opened its Pearl Street power station in 1882; Marconi patented the first system of radio telegraphy (without wires) in 1896. The book’s protagonist is only dimly aware of people who believed such advances were on their way, but has very little interest in such things.

The “age of innocence” also refers to this period of time after the Civil War and before the Great War (WWI).

  1. Edith Wharton, like the heroine in The Age of Innocence, left the Old New York of her youth and spent her last twenty five years as an expatriate in Paris.
  1. Edith Wharton only began to write fiction seriously after a nervous breakdown in 1898, which marked the end, in the author’s words, “of trying to adjust herself to her marriage.”
  1. What Others Have Said

“The note of distinction is as natural to Edith Wharton as it is rare in our present day literature … She belongs to an earlier age, before a strident generation had come to deny the excellence of standards.” -Vernon L. Parrington, Jr., Pulitzer Prize winning historian, 1871-1929

  1. Legion of Honor

Ms. Wharton was awarded the French Legion of Honor, the highest civil award the French government gives to foreigners, for her volunteer work during World War I.

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Jefferson Airplane’s Paul Kantner will be greatly missed. I had the honor to meet and hear this legendary guitarist with Jefferson Airplane live, many years ago, as a guest of Janis Joplin’s band Big Brother and the Holding Company. Paul Kantner was amazing. When I first heard his work on “White Rabbit,” and (Don’t you want) “Somebody to Love,” I was blown away with his bands phenomenal sound.


Glenn Frey, legendary guitarist, singer and songwriter who co-founded the Eagles, passed on Monday in NYC. His eerie hit song “Hotel California” placed him legendary, cult status, above the fray of other classic rock bands. He will be missed.


subnormal magazine’s tribute to David Bowie can be found on this site by clicking on the Letter From the Editor tab to the left on the table of contents. The icon will forever be remembered.


CHRISTIAN DEATH, January 15th, 2016

The Whisky a GoGo, as anyone that knows rock and roll will recall, is a legendary venue that used to feature The Doors as the weekly house band back in the day. Most every major band of importance from rock and punk has played at the Whisky a GoGo, and you can read all about that and the venues history further online. The last time I saw a band at the Whisky a number of years ago, the sound system was awful, so that was the first thing I noticed when hearing sound check for this show, was the nice new sound system which finally captured all of the ranges needed. I was happily surprised and impressed. The house staff here are very cool, and treats the bands, managers, and promoters with decency and respect.

Unlike certain L.A. clubs, which have in house staff door people, and micro-manage every person through the door during load in before the doors are open, load in at The Whisky is very easy and relaxed. The only problem The Whisky has is their hired out help of bouncers. Consisting of about maybe four to six muscly to big and fat men of varying ethnicity’s, these guys have a long and ugly history of groping people at the door. Possibly moonlighting for the TSA on the side, these grope happy guys seem to get off on grabbing mens groins, and grabbing God knows what else on the ladies. So Whisky, unless you want to open yourself up to future claims of sexual harassment or sexual molestation, I suggest quickly replacing the Grope Squad.


The band ‘Dinner Whore’ was added to this bill the very last week before the show, evidently. At first, numerous people were making fun of their name, with people calling them different variations of their name, or in my case, simply; The Whores. While a ridiculous band name, I was actually very surprised to see that the band was actually quite good. Three of The Whores are chicks. The singer, who was nice when I met her, has a good stage presence, and a solid voice ranging from melodic to screaming in the style of Courtney Love. Musically, they are a bit like L-7 mixed with the Cramps. The Whores gave us dirty garage rock that was totally un-predictable and unique.


‘Maension’ played next, another name some people were having trouble with, but after they took the stage, proved that they are a major act with a really solid vocalist who was also a nice guy when I met him. They also featured a tall, pretty female on handheld keys who didn’t crack a smile the whole show. A bit of a cross between Tool and A Perfect Circle, also with a very powerful drummer, these guys rocked.

The DJ

Sexy DJ Amanda Jones rocked the night between all the sets, spinning some great classics including Skinny Puppy, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Echo and the Bunnymen, and more. They just need to turn up the volume for her next time. The volume for all of the bands was just right. Not to quiet, and not too loud. The crowd varied from old school goths and a few punk rockers, to metalheads, a few jocks, and even a couple of Mexican guys in top buttoned flannel with baseball caps on. While not a look a care for, I appreciate that the Whisky don’t have some fascist no hats rule like some stupid clubs, and I appreciated the one guy really seemed to be digging the show.


‘Christian Death’ finally played, taking the stage at 11:30pm. With Jason on drums, Maitri on bass and vocals, and Valor on vocals and guitar, the crowd this night was solid, at about 150 heads. The show opened slowly, with Valor talking over some pre-recorded tracks, and then following into their second track off of their new album. Newer songs followed, including my favorite new one, “Illuminazi,” which is not only a great title, but a great song.

Most of the Christian Death set was slow compared to the three opening bands, who are not even in the same genre as Christian Death, yet the crowd dug them all. With the economy of how the clubs are structured these days at least in L.A., the venues fill up the bill as fast as they can for headliners with bands that can either guarantee a draw that will pay their amount wanted at the door, or will take the financial responsibility for the amount they want themselves–essentially what they call ‘pay to play.’ Despite this challenge which often creates bills of genres that don’t fit together, the night was still a great success and all seemed to have a good time.

Some slower songs followed, until Christian Death treated the crowd to the searing “Church of No Return” which was great. The band then left the stage. Some silly person shouted, “Church of No Return!” As others of were clapping, or in my usual case, pounding the stage periodically for the band to return. Valor returned, humorously telling us that he was not coming back to play, but that he just needed to say something. “I heard someone shouting ‘Church of No Return?!” He continued, “What do you think that just was?! We just played ‘Church of No Return!’ He chidingly laughed a bit then started to walk off the stage then walked back. “OK, I’m here!” He said, and added, “I’m ready to sing more, but if you want those two to play, you need to call for Jason and Maitri! I don’t know what they’re doing! Who knows?! They’re probably getting drunk or having sex people or something. If you want them, you have to call them.” The crowd then started calling a bit for Maitri and Jason, and in less than a minute, they took the stage and everyone clapped more.

Valor then resumed his earlier talks about why he hated the Catholic Church, how the new pope just met with Obama, how 99 percent of the wealth is controlled by 1% of the population, how the elitists had us where they wanted us but it would not last, and how the 99 percent would rise to control all of the wealth, that would be controlled by just 5 people, and he said, he knew who those 5 people were. Maitri started drinking a beer, and Valor kept complaining that she just wanted to drink or get drunk. “No!” Maitri protested, “Your sitting here talking about the f-ing Pope, so I’m having a few sips!” This banter when on for a few minutes, when finally they led into the classic “Heresey.” Valor then announced they were not playing any more, it was over, but to be sure to come meet him, that he was going to meet everyone, at the merchandise table. The house turned on the stage lights. At least 50 if not 100 people rushed to the merchandise table and waited to by picture disc records with Gitane DeMone on the cover, t-shirts, black hoodies with the Christian Death logo, and more.

The always handsomely beautiful Valor looks as though he has not aged a day, sounded perfect, and did great guitar, working the crowd into repeated frenzies with newer and older classics. Maitri, who is equally incredibly hot, wearing sexy black fishnets and stiletto boots, played great bass and sounded divine. Jason on drums, who we could not really see for this show due to he and the drum kit being hidden way in the back of the stage, did a great job on percussion.

One of the pioneers of the so called Gothic genre, along with bands including 45 Grave, The Damned, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, and a small handful of others, Christian Death tore onto the scene in Southern California after being launched by then vocalist Rozz Williams and later taken over by Valor. Gitane DeMone and various other members rounded out the band including Rikk Agnew (The Adolescents), now performing with Gitane who earlier left the band to be replaced by Maitri. A soulful, unique voice in the world of music, Valor has made some of the most brilliant compositions in rock music. Maitri carries the reigns on vocals further with passionate power and a vocal beauty rarely seen in rock. It was, as always, a great pleasure to see this show with one of my favorite bands. I only wish they would have played longer. –Bruce Edwin

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The four greatest, and most important new recording artists of the past decade are not surprisingly, all female. Anyone that knows subnormal, knows that we have a great love for female vocalists; from punk legends including The Slits, Fuzzbox, and Patti Smith, new wave legend Blondie, so called no wave pioneer Lydia Lunch, Kim Gordon with Sonic Youth, Gitane Demone and Eva O. with Christian Death, Shadow Project, and The Superheroines, and later Diamanda Galas, PJ Harvey, and of course, so called gothic legend Siouxsie Sioux, among hundreds more. There is nothing like the female voice, and female artists. This past decade has brought us at least four particular brilliant legends of our own time; Karen O. with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Warpaint, Lana Del Rey, and Grimes. We will focus on the aforestated artists later on, but for now, we give here a quick blurb on a young singer / songwriter, producer from the Toronto area, who counts none other than fellow Canadian’s Skinny Puppy as one of her many diverse influences. She’s already been around over six years, and she just keeps getting better and better.



Undoubtedly one of the most brilliant artists to emerge in the past decade, is none other than GRIMES. Light years ahead of her time, Grimes merges her genius songwriting, other worldly voice, excellent production, and beautiful look and video imagery to give us some of the best new creative works of our time. Influenced by punk, new wave, industrial, pop, experimental, and the coolest of the cool, GRIMES is in a class by herself, deftly hip, and like none other. With a vocal range similar to Bjork, Grimes knows her limitations as an artist, and they are few. Constantly progressing, experimenting, and mastering her craft, GRIMES, aka Claire Boucher, is stunningly beautiful, looking like a fashion model, yet her sex appeal is beyond physical, with her sweetly cool persona and dynamic artistry, GRIMES does not need sex or cheap gimmicks to sell, for her talents dominate. From the dancey to the ethereal, GRIMES single handedly catapults pop music into another plateau for this generation. With her innovative mixes, minimalist producing, and her lovely voice that is really, truly exceptional, this young, beautiful, and artistic mastermind has in a few short years, implanted herself forever into the music worlds’ history of true greatness.

From the clever ‘Rosa,’ ‘Oblivion,’ and ‘Genesis’ to the legendary trancy, pop ‘Vanessa,’ among many more, GRIMES conquered with her cross-over hit ‘Blood Diamonds’ that sears, and proved her further grace with the retro brilliance of ‘Be a Body.’ If all this wasn’t enough, she made one of the best electronic, pop, dance songs of all time with her timelessly perfect ‘Realiti.’ Gothic, pop, rave, raw, part DJ, producer, sound artist, and avant-garde chanteuse, GRIMES is about as perfect as music can get, and we love her.
–subnormal magazine

UPDATE: Grimes is now on tour! L.A. dates include Lightning in a Bottle, Coachella, and The Shrine.

IGGY POP is also touring soon.

Sweet Bronco, a relatively new band led by Chris Horgan is worth hearing. It doesn’t matter that they don’t look like models, or that they are even off key and out of sync during their harmonizing. It doesn’t matter because what this band has is superior to all of that. This band has very strong songwriting by Chris; who has a good voice. They also have decent musicianship, and best of all, a unique sound with some exciting guitar. These guys (and their backing female vocalist which is another strong suit) reminds me of early bands including Eleventh Dream Day. Check em’ out.

Keznamdi, who just got picked up by Sony, has released his latest single, the cut “Champion.” Keznamdi co-wrote “Champion” with Justin Bieber’s writing partner, multi-platinum Grammy winner Poo Poo Bear. (Just kidding, actually poo bear). This very sparsely yet well mixed and well produced track reminds me of the nice, rare occasion I’d go to the Ethiopian Restaurant for injari and vegan cuisine on Belmont, and then pop next door to the Reggae club for some dancing hanging with the brothas and sistas to some Bob Marley and more back in the day in Chicago. Spread the love.


“This is a sad day for rock n roll. At the dawn of glam rock, Motorhead tore up the scene in 1980 with a brutally classic cut, ‘Ace of Spades’ which was better than most anything we’d ever heard. Lemmy made rock unpredictable, dangerous and raw again. Even the hardcore punk rockers, who mostly quit listening to metal, dug Motorhead. Lemmy was a legend, and there was and never will be another quite like him. He will be missed.” – subnormal magazine

Hollywood Hot Spot



31st, Morrissey, Galen Center at USC
Insomniac Count5down, with Kaskade, etc., San Bernardino
Belinda Carlisle, Sierra Ballroom, Universal City
28-31, Motley Crue, Staples Center



3, Merle Haggard, Saban Theatre
6, Todd Rundgren, Saban Theatre
7, Autograph, Whisky a GoGo
8, 9, Patti Smith, The Wiltern
9, Metal Allegiance, Whisky a GoGo
15, Christian Death, The Undead Hearts, Whisky a GoGo
Van Morrison, The Shrine
19, Panic at the Disco, The Tower Theatre
21, Venom, Glass House; Pamona
22, The Muffs, echoplex
Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night, Saban Theatre
28, Killing Joke, The Regent


12, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Palladium
13, Dweezil Zappa, The Regent
20, At the Gates, Glass House; Pamona
27, Reagan Youth, Viper Room
Judy Collins, Saban Theatre
28, Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies,
Children of Sodom, Palladium


9, Unwritten Law, Glass House; Pamona
21, K’s Choice, Viper Room
24, Michael Graves, The Undead Hearts, The Whisky a Go Go
Ra Ra Riot, Teragram Ballroom
26, Greg Duli, Teragram Ballroom


15, Dokken, Whisky a Go Go
21, Prong, Whisky a Go Go


17, Agent Orange, Motorcycle Boy, Whisky a Go Go

subnormal Christmas Playlist, currently spinning, in no particular order:

1, Reagan Youth
2, Suicidal Tendencies
3, Sisters of Mercy
4, Killing Joke
5, Christian Death
6, The Cure
7, Misfits (with Danzig)
8, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
9, Sonic Youth
10, Warpaint
11, Nervo
12, Grimes
13, Motorhead
14, Ill Repute
15, Death In June
16, Siouxsie and the Banshees
17, Patti Smith
18, The Doors
19, Escape the Fate (early)
20, Empire of the Sun
21, David Bowie


Mark Salling, formerly of the hit show ‘Glee,’ has been arrested for possession of child porn. Also in 2015, director Jace Alexander was arrested for ‘possessing and file-sharing illegal and obscene performances of sexual conduct by children less than 17 years of age.’ Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was arrested on charges that he received and distributed child pornography, and engaged in sexually explicit acts with children after drugging them. He was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. (source: Deadline Hollywood dot com) Pedophile scum that abuse and rape children must be stopped!


Kashi Foods has settled a class action suit against them in Florida, in which they have allegedly lied about not having GMO ingredients in their food. Needless to say, we will be avoiding food by Kashi.

Vitamin Water has been sued with a class action for fraudulent advertising, as has Red Bull.

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How To Succeed As A Fashion Model

By Bruce Edwin

1, Determine your market. Look at fashion magazines and fashion blogs and find the model with the similar height, weight, skin tone and look as you to determine your market, if any. Be realistic with yourself. Don’t expect to be walking on the runways in Milan for all of the major fashion houses if you are nearly just five foot, unless you are the next Kate Moss. Remember that most top models truly are ‘one in a million’ or more. In other words, for every aspiring fashion model, she and at least 999,999 models will not become well very well known. Only one out of that number of even greater will make it big. Determine if you are a fashion model, commercial print model, swimsuit model, or what.


2, On the flipside, have a strong, positive self esteem. Don’t compare yourself to others in a negative way. Feel good about yourself. One of the top 3 reasons girls fail as a model is they are invalidated by others or let the media invalidate them, and therefore have a poor self esteem, and do not believe they are beautiful or have a chance, and so they never try or do not try hard enough.

3, Never give up. If you decide you are going to be a model, then make the decision and stick to it, and never give up. You will go through phases of unemployment. So what? Just keep pushing, and never take ‘no’ for an answer. Don’t let one rejection at one agency, booker, or designer deter you from trying somewhere else, again and again. Never take rejection personally, and always be cordial, even if you get rejected. I have rejected models before, who handled it so gracefully and politely, that I called them back a minute later and decided to give them a chance.

4, Get photos that show you best. The most mediocre looking girls can be made to look like a great model in print, with the right photographer, hair and make up artist, and stylist. Don’t spend money on photos until you get an agent that you know and trust, then, follow their advice on who to shoot with. Every agency will want their zeds (comps) to look a certain, uniform way. If you can, get your agency to sponsor you and cover your photos, or advance you the money for your shoot. If not, don’t spend more than five hundred for everything, including prints, disc, and your book. Since most bookings these days are done digitally, the days of a thousand dollars plus on pictures and a book are over. Make sure that you get to keep and own your photos, full size, full resolution. Don’t let a photographer or agency own the copyrights to images of you if you are paying for them. Make sure that you get something in writing that you own the final rights to the images if you do buy them. Parents, this dollar amount does not apply to children, in which case the figure you may spend should be less, or nothing. Contact me if questions.

5, Get a great agent and booker that you know and trust, and work closely with them, staying in contact with them on a weekly if not daily basis. Check in with them regularly and ask them what you can do to improve, to be getting more work or get higher paying jobs. Show devotion to your agent, manager, or booker. Don’t drop them at the first chance you think you can trade them up for someone better. Have some respect and show some devotion. If you do change agents, managers, or bookers, give them a fair warning, at least a few weeks notice.

6, Be nice to everyone, including your agent, manager, booker, and other girls, even the girls that are your competition. Don’t gossip and talk about people behind their backs. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Show appreciation for those who help you, give thanks sincerely, send thank you notes, and remember those that helped you get to where you are today and show them how you appreciate them. Always pay anyone promptly their commission due without complaint. Remember, giving someone 10 or 20 percent of something will earn you more than keeping 100 percent of nothing.

7, Avoid those with negative attitudes and avoid those who are mean or evil. Also avoid those who put you down, or try to dissuade you from your dreams and goals. One of the top reasons people fail as a model is that they listen to the negative attitudes of others who are either overtly or covertly jealous, or simply haters.

8, Have integrity with your word. If you say you are going to do something, do it. Be on time, which means show up at least 10 or 15 minutes early. Be a professional. Never show up late, or tired. Answer your phone! When you answer, be uptone, and be prepared to write and follow directions. Don’t order. ‘Ask’ things politely, and never ask anyone to call back and leave information on your voice mail. Seize the moment now when you have it.

9, Determine your moral standards, and then stick to them. If you decide you are not going to do nudity for example, then stick by that decision. Don’t let money change your ideals. Just because those around you do something, does not mean you need to. It is more cool to be 100 percent ‘you,’ than a copy of your friends.

10, Find a cause that you deeply care about, and find a way to incorporate that cause into your work to help others that are not as fortunate as you are. Help others. Give back.

11, Avoid drugs and alcohol. Eat healthy, preferably a vegetarian or vegan diet. Get your nutrition checked out and make sure you are getting enough food, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that your body and brain needs. Get enough sleep. Feed your mind with healthy things, not trash TV. Never starve yourself, never take diet pills, which are toxic and dangerous, and never get plastic surgery. Don’t take psychiatric drugs including ambien, which are poison. Avoid GMO’s, avoid processed foods, avoid foods with additives, avoid foods with artificial flavors, and preservatives which are toxic. Avoid junk food, and fast food. Eat plenty of fresh
fruits and vegetables, and raw foods. Drink plenty of water daily.

12, Get a mentor that can help you learn how best to succeed and get to the top in a healthy, sane, fast way. Don’t compare yourself to others in a way that is negative or destructive to your self esteem. The only way to get what others have that you do not have, is to appreciate others achievements, not be jealous of them. Focus on what you want, not on what you do not want. Focus on the future, not the past. Do not dwell on past mistakes. After you are at the top of your field, be a mentor to another person and help those who you can. Always show respect to all, no matter what their industry, job, or profession. Every person has value, whether they work in our field or not. Give thanks to your higher self, and give thanks to the creator of the universe for letting you live such an exciting and blessed life.

I hope some of this has helped you. If you have any specific questions, you are invited to e-mail me at where I will give you further free advice.

What’s better than our favorite model, Gisele Bundchen in a video? Gisele singing a cover of Blondie of course! Enjoy.

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