Stopping Child Sexual Abuse

A law firm representing a 13-year-old female swimmer referred to as Jane Doe due to her age,  alleges that she was sexually assaulted numerous times by her swim coach,  beginning when she was 12-years-old. She also claims in her lawsuit that one the swimming organization failed to implement training that which, if implemented, would have resulted in the reporting of the alleged abusers predatory grooming behavior displayed on a regular basis at both practices and swim meets before numerous coaches and swim officials.

The “red flag” grooming behavior reportedly included the coach staying with the minor in a hotel during out of town meet, engaging in social media interactions with her concerning personal matters, referring to her with pet names such as “babe” and his open display of provocative stretching and massages on the pool deck. The ongoing grooming of the minor reportedly continued for months and culminated with the adult swim coach committing statutory rape of the child in his vehicle while in the club’s parking lot.

There have allegedly been many other reports of rape of children at this same organization, with some coaches who have been arrested, and others who are already serving time in prison.

Hollywood Sentinel publisher and Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin states, “Parents need to pay very close attention to what their children are doing, who they are with, and who is supervising them. Do ‘not’ let your child take swimming lessons unless they are in public, or unless you are there to also supervise. ‘Never’ trust a stranger to care for your child.  And just because  someone is an instructor or has any other level of authority or skill in a sport or area of entertainment, never assume that they are a trustworthy person!” Bruce adds, “You have to be there, 100% for your child. Also, you need to think about what your child is wearing. Don’t let their lack outfits be magnets for pedophiles. Make them have decency. Lastly, don’t let anyone film your child without your consent. Be like a friend to them, and be there for them.”

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