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Election Nightmare?


Public Relations is the art of crafting a specific message about a client, to get them in the news, or to help do what is sometimes called “damage control;”  attempting to change the public’s opinion about a client after bad press has already been created.  One of my publicist friends once stated that;

“Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People.”

While this is perhaps funny, it is not totally true. To be fair, Obama is–love him or hate him–a handsome fellow. Ronald Reagan was a handsome movie star before becoming Governor of California, and later President of the United States. John F. Kennedy was considered very good looking–enough so that Marilyn Monroe dated him. Even the current two major Presidential nominees that are both perhaps equally hated by each opposing side of their supporters–Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump–both were young and attractive people by Hollywood standards during their early careers. What we can be sure of however, is that Washington D.C, the seat of American political power is at least–full of drama.  This years presidential race, which we have all observed, has put even the most crass and crazy reality T.V. shows to shame in terms of vulgarity, and insanity.


This is all merely a reflection of the societal and moral decline in civility, decency, manners, and class that has eroded even more over the years– thanks partly to the advent of immediate worldwide communication known as the internet; where standards of professionalism and decency have eroded in multiple areas; from the news media, to T.V., among more.


While there are advantages to this immediacy in communication and information, we can undoubtedly all see its downside. We live with it every day.  The solution –if any, to not put more attention on the negative media than we may deem necessary.  And certainly, do not give power over any politician or any else for that matter, to determine and control how you think or feel.


As a person who studies and uses media, I’ll admit–I have found the presidential debate highly entertaining. With millions of Americans and even those outside of the United States frantically feeling as though one man or one woman holds the power of the fate of their lives and the world in their hands, and that one day–election day here in the U.S. will determine that fate or Earthly salvation, I can not help but be amused.

I know that whatever force of good that created this world and all universes is far more powerful than any one “President” of the United States. And I really don’t believe that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be able to end humanity as we know it–without the direct influence and will of the creator of the planet.  As such, I’m really not at all worried about the results of who wins. 

Certainly, I have read and studied about both Trump and Clinton–as have many, and have my opinions as everyone does– but really, why worry?  We will all still be human beings, we will all still keep doing the things we do every day, and for those of who strive to be the creator of our own lives–rather than the effect of someone else, we will still be in charge of ourselves.

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No matter what happens, and who wins, the entertainment will continue. People will keep fighting over who they think which side is right or wrong,  and one will finally win. We live in exciting times. Lets embrace the energy and excitement, accept what we cannot control as being nothing to worry about–since worrying about what we can not control does not good, and lets control what we can–ourselves, and influence for good those around us and in our sphere that we reach.

Life will go on no matter who wins. It will be entertaining, and it will be historic.  And during the media chaos and insanity that is being created around the world out of Washington, let us remember that fitting quote by Henry David Thoreau;

“That Government is Best which Governs Least.”

Enjoy the new issue!

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A Personal Revolution

Sunrise Coigney, Oscar®-nominee Mark Ruffalo, and Academy CEO Dawn Hudson arrive at The 88th Oscars® at the Dolby® Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Sunday, February 28, 2016.
Sunrise Coigney, Oscar®-nominee Mark Ruffalo, and Academy CEO Dawn Hudson arrive at The 88th Oscars® at the Dolby® Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Sunday, February 28, 2016.

By Bruce Edwin

As anyone who does not totally ignore mainstream American media can attest, the political presidential race has been dominating the news for months now, and is even increasing, with a furious pace.  Comedian Robin Williams once reportedly defined politics as the following;  Politics= poli (many) and tics (bloodsucking parasites).  Was he inaccurate?

To be sure, some politicians may legitimately enter the field with noble intentions, intending to make their community, state, or country a better area. Yet, even in the purest democracy, where one groups will of a majority vote is enforced upon the will of a lesser minority, some people, and in fact many– will not be happy. The nature of politics then, is a problematic area that leaves some hopefully getting what they want, and others, hopefully not too many, getting the short end of what they wanted. In politics, like life, there is always a loser, not just among the race among candidates, but among the public they allegedly serve as well.

undead hearts banner

Now that the current political race is down to Sanders, Clinton, and Trump, with Sanders suggesting that if he loses any further, he will support Clinton, it seems that Trump and Clinton will be the final contenders in the latest media political circus. Does it really matter? Americans will still keep doing what they are doing already, and it will still be business as usual.  If anything, it is all mildly entertaining, but at the end of the day, it is really quite meaningless.

If one is struggling financially, they will probably continue to struggle no matter who wins the next presidency. if one feels oppressed, they will continue to feel oppressed, unless they decide to stop feeling that way. If one is unhappy and failing, they will most likely keep failing, and blame the president for their problems, if the person they didn’t vote for wins.

If one is making a lot of money, they will still keep making a lot of money no matter which candidate takes office. Many will try to blame the new president for their troubles, and those that are happy and doing great, may give away some credit to their favored candidate if they won, but most likely, will take most of the credit themselves.

When you take responsibility for your life, you have no one that you have to give credit away to, or to blame. It doesn’t matter if a reality TV star wins, a Senator, or whoever. Unless you are working directly with politicians, their public games for the cameras mean little, but merely a distraction– not unlike the latest Hollywood gossip, or tasteless so called ‘reality’ TV show.

Instead of taking it all too seriously, and letting the political battles control your mood or your life, consider it what it is–an amusing form of cheap entertainment, perfect for entertaining and distracting the masses. Instead of getting angry about what they tell you that you ‘should’ be mad about, take a nice walk outdoors. Get some fresh air, take in some nature. Look at the beautiful land that was created here for you not by any man, but by a greater intelligence. Look within, and discover your true dreams, wishes, desires, passions, and loves, and then follow them. When the world decides to get mad and lose their head, decide to stay calm, be happy, and keep yours.

Don’t be duped by being told how to feel, what to believe in, or what causes are important just because they are ‘trending’ or being debated on the news. Be your own ’cause,’ and find out what is important to you– yourself.  Be a leader, not a follower. And if you must be a follower, then don’t follow the followers, follow a true leader that will lift your spirit up, and enlighten your soul.

Hollywood, at its best, educates, and entertains with a universal message of hope, strength, and truth. While it should not be worshiped, at its best, Hollywood also can even lift up ones spirit, and fuel or re-ignite ones faith or dreams. The Oscars® this year, thankfully contributed to that cause, by recognizing films that do just that. This is why Hollywood, and the arts in general, will always be of great, immeasurable importance to the world.

Find the happiness within you, and in others. Hatred is easy. it takes a person of greater strength to find and give love. What we focus on is what we get. The more attention you put on something, the more it will expand. And if you really must jump in to the political distraction games, then do something about it.  Don’t complain about something unless you are ready to help fight to change it. The world is full of complainers, but lacking a real shortage of doers. Do something about your complaints. The world doesn’t need another complainer!  Either change it, or take your attention off it, and focus on the good. If you do either one of these acts, you will–in at least some small or perhaps even some significant way, begin enacting your own personal revolution. And that my friends, is the best vote you can cast.

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Moira Cue & Phoebe Price Stars in Episode #2 of Comedic Webisode Hollyweird!

Hollyweird! Episode #2

Controversial celebrity Phoebe Price; widely photographed on the red carpets around the world, and actress, singer and artist Moira Cue, takes on Ted Cruz, space travel, and tabloid blogger Perez Hilton among more, in Episode #2 of the ongoing comedic webisode called “Hollyweird!” Produced and written by Hollywood Sentinel publisher and Starpower Management founder Bruce Edwin, Hollyweird! Episode #1 starred Lindsay Lohan father Michael Lohan, in which he saw an image of Jesus on his toast. Moira Cue then proceeds to take a bite out of the iconic manifestation.

Episode #2 of the comedy returns with its wild, zany, slapstick humor, starring sexy Phoebe Price–known for her wild,  racy outfits and daring poses, and with Moira Cue, recognized for her cutting edge art and music, whose paintings are  in the collection of numerous stars. Produced by Bruce Edwin, also publisher of the music magazine ‘subnormal,’ states of the series, “Hollyweird’ is a partly scripted and part real life story about the crazy life behind the scenes, living and working in Hollywood. It also  fearlessly makes fun of everyone who takes themselves too seriously, including myself!”

Directed by Award Winning cinematographer and director Jessica Gallant, whose work has been praised by ‘Variety,’ Make Up artist Kim Williamson also brought her artistic flair to the stars appearances.  Filmed on location at a secret spot in Beverly Hills, California, numerous fans quickly gathered around the celebrities during shooting, yet politely did not try to intrude.

Once, accidentally left off of a guest list for an event, Phoebe Price famously and comically referred to the publicist of the event as one of those little P.R #@#@#@#,  in her timeless Southern accent. Hollyweird! #2 starring Pheobe Price and Moria Cue comedically plays on that notorious line, going after all paparazzi in a playful, funny way.  Hollyweird #2  also tackles the Pope, Ted Cruz, and other current political events among more.

Watch Hollyweird! Episide #1, here:

For press and interview requests of Phoebe Price, Moira Cue, and other cast and filmmakers, contact the publicity department at 310-226-7176. Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations

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