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Eddie Van Halen–A Legend Remembered

Image: Eddie Van Halen at the New Haven Coliseum.
Image created: May 21, 2012. Photo credit: Geezer B. Source: WikiCommons.

Eddie Van Halen, one of the greatest guitarists of all time has sadly passed on. Cementing his name forever in the pages of music and rock history as the groundbreaking lead guitarist of one of the greatest rock bands of all time-Van Halen; Eddie Van Halen changed the face of rock music with a style and mastery so mind blowingly unique and great that words alone could not begin to convey. He will forever be missed and remembered.

–Hollywood Sentinel

“During his legendary career, GRAMMY® Award winner Eddie Van Halen contributed to some of the world’s most iconic music. His explosive guitar playing and approach to the musical process solidified him as an undeniable force in his field and forever established his place as a true guitar hero. The world is lucky to have witnessed Eddie’s genius as a guitarist, and we know he will influence and shape rock music indefinitely.”

-Harvey Mason jr.:  Chair & Interim President/CEO
Recording Academy

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