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Chick Corea Film Tribute Out Now

Tribute Special Honoring Jazz Legend Chick Corea Out Now: Watch Below

Celebrating the life and incomparable musical genius of Chick Corea, Scientology Network presents a 3-hour tribute special, including two full-length documentaries, chronicling his legacy with highlights of his storied career and a never-before-seen performance.

The Chick Corea Tribute Special is streaming now on Scientology Network, seen here below.

Chick Corea, the iconic instrumentalist, composer and bandleader, won 23 Grammy Awards and was known for his awe-inspiring command of the piano. Having pioneered the category of jazz fusion, Chick was an astonishingly prolific composer whose ingeniousness influenced a wide range of top musicians across all genres, from Herbie Hancock and Gary Burton to Bobby McFerrin.

My mission has always been to bring the joy of creating anywhere I could, and to have done so with all the artists that I admire so dearly—this has been the richness of my life.” —Chick Corea

The 3-hour tribute special features:

Chick Corea: In the Mind of a MasterA one-of-a-kind experience documenting the creative process of Chick Corea as he writes, arranges and records Antidote, the album that earned him his 23rd Grammy Award.

The Musician—A feature-length documentary exploring Chick Corea’s legendary month-long set of performances in the epicenter of the jazz universe, the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City. The film captures the essence of the maestro and Chick’s profound influence on some of the musical giants who join him onstage.

“Future Sweet”—Chick Corea teams up with instrumental virtuosos Béla Fleck on banjo, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums and Carlitos Del Puerto on bass on his never-before-released song, “Future Sweet.” In his inimitable style, Chick takes us on a musical journey where the final destination is impossible to predict but always a delightful adventure to experience when the maestro leads the way. Watch it here:

Both Chick’s approach to creating music and how he handled life left an indelible mark on his friends and fellow musicians he performed with.

Spanish jazz musician Jorge Pardo says in The Musician, “He’s always eliminated barriers. I think he’s a little bit like Miles [Davis] in that regard, that, you know, it’s just music. His energy is amazing. And it’s like this momentum.”

“The thing that I like, working with Chick, probably the most is how music unfolds before our eyes and before our ears, you know? We’re all experiencing this music at the same time, simultaneously. Everyone, whether you’re participating in the music, if you’re just a passive listener and listening to it, we’re all discovering this music at the same time,” said Bobby McFerrin in the documentary.

Grammy Award winner Rubén Blades thanked Chick Corea in an interview after recording and collaborating on Antidote, “Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn and to leave my comfort zone and come to a different area of music. Thank you for the respect and for all your kindness, actually.”

Watch the Chick Corea Tribute Special at chickcoreatribute.tv

Broadcast from Scientology Media Productions, the Church’s global media center in Los Angeles, the Scientology Network is available on DIRECTV Channel 320 and can be streamed at scientology.tv, on mobile apps and via the Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV platforms.

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Chick Corea: Tribute by Jim Meskimen

Chick Corea, Jim Meskimen, and Gayle Moran Corea backstage in Clearwater, Florida. (image used with kind courtesy of J. Meskimen)

In reading some of the innumerable tributes this weekend to my friend Chick Corea, I see that my own experiences with him were far from singular; like many who knew him, I was always a little surprised that he cared enough to maintain the friendship, that this legend, this artist for the ages, would benefit from spending any time with me.

We met in the late eighties, at a benefit concert we were both involved in.  He was the headliner, my friends in Interplay and I were the improv group that was also on the bill. For one unforgettable number, my friends Christopher and Sisu improvised a song accompanied by Chick.

Years later he extended an invitation for Tamra and I to see him perform at the Blue Note in New York where we were living.  We had a wonderful time there and solidified the friendship even more.

Over the years I would encounter Chick in various performing venues, where we were on the same bill for charity events and palled around backstage.  His easy and playful friendship, as well as his willingness to exchange points of view about art, about comedy and performing were always a gift to me that I treasured.

I many times had the good fortune of sitting with Chick and sharing deep conversations about art and life, the memories of which I will always cherish. Again, the idea that he would be interested in my opinions about anything was always a surprise.

I consider Chick to be the ultimate performing artist. I will marvel forever at the creativity, deliberateness and delicacy of his playing, but also at the intention; he never did anything in his art without a purpose, one statement of which was “to ease the effect of time on the audience.”

Chick could travel to any far-flung place on earth and have a wonderful effect on an audience, whether they spoke English or not. That, I realize, is a tremendous skill, born of a deep and honest desire to better the lives of strangers.

He was also a generous collaborator with other musicians, creating ensembles, bands and groups which he managed brilliantly as a leader and ensemble member.

On a night in 2013 when I was on TV performing impressions at Radio City Music Hall, immediately afterward the broadcast I looked with surprise at my phone and saw that Chick was calling me.  He congratulated me– “Man, you were really blowin’!  I was so surprised that Chick Corea even existed in the same universe as America’s Got Talent. His considerateness was very moving.

When he passed last week, it was another surprise. Like many, I only saw Chick as the immortal artist he is, not the Earth-bound physical form that he used to interact with his keyboard and bring happiness to the planet.

The great men and women we encounter in a lifetime change us forever. Often, as in the case of Chick Corea, they do it by not changing us at all, but by validating who we really are, by speaking to us as fellow artists and lending to our lives a richness that cannot be quantified.

Bon voyage, my friend.  I know the tears of loss of today will be the tears of delight in future times.

To find out more about Chick and to order some of his phenomenal recordings, please visit www.chickcorea.com

Jim Meskimen  is an award winning American actor, voice artist, impressionist, fine-artist, and comedian. Visit: https://www.JimMeskimen.com 

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Hollywood Sentinel, 2021

Happy New Year!

Paradise Returned

Photo Credit: Will Reid


Paradise has returned to Los Angeles and Southern California this month—thankfully. The fires are out, fire season has  winded down, and the smoke is gone.

Granted, the city is still shut down, but at least we have the mountains and the ocean and beautiful weather.  Shutting down nature is not only difficult, its simply cruel, and wholly unnecessary. So we are thankful that we at least have this! We are still missing the concerts, art museums, orchestras, nightclubs, and gyms.   We hope this changes SOON!

During times of turmoil, fear, difficulty, or challenge; music, art, and film can offer us a refuge and a place of healing to get deeper in touch with our spirit, to release our feelings, and to celebrate what we have, and to heal. For this reason among many more, the artists among us ARE essential workers, and important to the very essence of society. The artists of the world are the soul of its culture.  Today, there is no better band to represent that fact than London  Grammar.

One of the most powerful and significant newer bands of our time, critically acclaimed British trio London Grammar recently released a new video for their soaring new single “Baby It’s You”  (Columbia Records). Directed by Oriol Puig, the music video was filmed on location in the forests of Catalonia and is intertwined with 3D generated imagery created by Trizz Studios.  See more with London Grammar in our “Music’s Greatest” page here in this new issue of The Hollywood Sentinel.

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