The #1 Rule to Keep Kids Safe in Hollywood

Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin provides here the #1 thing to remember for parents regarding keeping kids safe in Hollywood, in the audio below.

Image of Girl; artwork by Tony Song, oil on canvas. To purchase, contact: 310-226-7176

Starpower Management represents over 10 billion dollars worth of deals in the areas of motion picture studios, master works of fine art, and more. The firm represents celebrities only, however it provides free help to aspiring actors, bands, models, singers and artists through Bruce Edwin’s ongoing article, on How to Succeed In Hollywood.

Bruce Edwin also gives free help and coaching to parents on How to Keep their Kids Safe in Hollywood, and also how not to be taken advantage of.  Part of Bruce’s report was used by the California Assembly for the new law protecting children among casting offices, agents, managers, and acting schools.

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