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L.A. Art Show Lifts Up the Spirit of 2017

Top row, left to right: Mother of Brooke, Kim Martindale (Producer/Partner: L.A. Art Show), Emma Roberts, Scott Diament (President/CEO) Palm Beach Show Group, Brooke (St. Jude), and VIP guests.

The now legendary L.A. Art Show is back.  After a strongly divided country emerges in to the new year after one of the most heated Presidential races in American history, The L.A. Art Show launched last night into 2017 with perhaps just what this great city of Los Angeles, and the entertainment capitol of the world–needs; Art.

Art–The Universal Language

Art is after all, the great communicator. A universal language that began with the dawn of time and birth of humanity, art is divided by no race, creed, color or ethnic line. Whether rich or poor, an artist can grab some ink and paper, or forage for some canvas and paints, and in hope– release a part of their spirit in that art, for at least some of the world to glimpse and see.  Art can heal, or it can incite. It is the eternal voice of the artist that out-lives its’ creator.

The L.A. Art show, now in its stunning 22nd year, is with us again to welcome in an emotional 2017, when part of the nation is still in shock and mourning, and another part is in either secret or fearless public celebration of its new President.

Scott Diament and Kim Martindale Soar

Like this great city of Los Angeles itself, the L.A. Art Show is liberal, political, brave, and magnificent. The brainchild of Palm Beach Show Group President and CEO Scott Diament and Producer and Partner Kim Martindale, the rainy, gray skies of a winter Los Angeles literally parted this special day, and shone forth L.A’s famous sunshine, giving guests, patrons, participants, and the stars a reminder that yes–L.A. does have the best weather in the world, of any famous city.

Emma Roberts Shines Bright

Stars glided in this exiting night for the VIP Opening Night Gala, including the lovely and talented Emma Roberts, who hosted the Patron Level Opening Night Premiere Party Benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Emma Roberts proved to be a sweet, genuine actor, discussing her support for St. Jude, which pays the entire bill for special needs patients at this hospital who have what could be a life threatening illness.

Dancing Barefoot

Emma Roberts later walked quickly around the L.A. Art Show–after removing her heels to comfortably go barefoot in the sprawling Los Angeles Convention Center, and appeared to be purchasing at least one print of a famous master work.  Master Work prints, for those not in the business of art–can run between several thousand to around one hundred thousand dollars for a limited edition, which is well worth it for a master.

Up in Smoke

Host Committee members Natasha and Cheech Marin were back–Cheech Marin is that Cheech from the seventies iconic Cheech and Chong comic fame.

Like a Rolling Stone

Musical guests Whitney Myer Trio rocked the VIP stage with some songs including a commendable cover of the Rolling Stones.  Even more commendable, considering a female was doing Mick’s voice, making it all the more interesting.

Eat, Drink and be Merry

Endless gourmet food from Chef Jeffrey Nimer of Haute Chefs LA was offered, as was endless glasses of red and white wine and other beverages, at a myriad of open bars.  More endless food from a bevy of top local diners and restaurants served guests all from ice cream, chocolates, coffee, donuts, tacos, and more.  White table clothed tables filled up hundreds of VIP guests seated; enjoying dinner, deserts, and socializing with other patrons.

Art–A Man’s Name

The evening began with an exclusive collectors’ preview followed by the opening party, which also featured performance works by Carlos Martiel, Eugenia Vargas Pereira, Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Melanie Pullen, and Narcissister.

Back on the main floor, rows and rows of gallerists’ booths treated hundreds and later thousands of patrons and guests to fine art from some of the top galleries around the world.  Denis Block Gallery (Beverly Hills) is back, and shows a nice Lichtenstein litho, Eckert Fine Art (CT) is back with those fabulous parrots (Lories) by Hunt Slonem, artist Ryuma Imai (Japan) shows some very nice work including Giraffes and Bats at Yuji Fukuda, Robert Adelman (Oakland, CA) shows some nice Picasso ceramics, and Jerry Suqi is back from Chicago with some great Klimpt prints (collotype).

The Antique and Jewelry show with the LA Art Show, which was scaled back last year, is now gone, save for a select few booths. The classical side further too seems to be scaled back this year.

Naked as a Jaybird

Continuing the trend of last year which started showing live nudity with performance artists, this year has one or more partially body-painted, topless young women walking around in a near trance,  another group thong clad topless, body painted male and female artists doing dancerly moves and poses, and an African American performance artist Carlos Martiel lying totally naked on a few inch platform on the ground.  (Parents, keep this in mind when bringing children). Yes–art has nudity. Remember the Romans and Greeks from Art History?

Tony Song –the Selling Machine

Artist Tony Song (originally from China–now in L.A) is back, who had already sold a large painting when I spoke with him, and Angel Ricardo Rios is featured with a striking work called “The Garden of Excesses.”  MFA returns with their usual great prints of Master Works including Warhol, Picasso, and Chagall, as well as some nice Picasso ceramics.

There is much more to tell and see at this exciting show, which I will cover in the next installment of this review series. The L.A. Art Show runs daily through Saturday, January 14th from 11am to 7pm, and on its final day–Sunday, from 11am to 5pm.

General Admission Ticket Prices – per person (well worth it)

One Day Pass: $30 – Receive $5 discount if purchased online in advance

Four-Day Pass: $60 – Received $5 discount if purchased online in advance

Location: Los Angeles Convention Center: West Hall, at 1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California, 90015.

Visit the official website at: www.LAARTSHOW.com

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Sexy Sunday at the Golden Globe Awards 2017

Happy New Year! The Legendary Golden Globe Awards kicked off today at 3pm, with many of the biggest and brightest stars from film, television, music, and even a number of fashion models. Congratulations to all of the nominees, and the big winners!


Never mind that the her father is one of the most legendary and greatest voices in the history of pop music–Phil Collins, because Lily Collins is now one of Hollywood’s new reigning queens–young, beautiful, and talented, as seen below on the red carpet for the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards.


The sexy Emily Ratajkowski walks the red carpet at the 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards (pictured below) and proves that a girl really doesn’t have to smile for the camera to get a lot of photos taken of her or published as long as she’s a model!

Claire Foy

The lovely and talented Claire Foy appears backstage at the 74th Annual Golden Globes for her win for Best Performance by an Actress TV Series Drama for her performance in ‘The Crown.”


Sistine, Sophia and Scarlet Stallone (daughters of Sylvester Stallone) attended earlier this week  the  Miss Golden Globe Media Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. Photo credit: Magnus Sundholm for the HFPA

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George Michael: A Legend Remembered

An amazing singer and songwriter who burst on to the music scene in the early 80’s, George Michael began with the dancy, poppy hits from his band WHAM! WHAM! broke barriers as a pop band, namely, by not only having infectiously catchy, whimsical pop songs that no one could forget, but also, by being openly flamboyant and later, openly gay. Women loved Wham! and straight kids that were anti-gay made fun of them–yet still couldn’t help but know the melodies and words. The world embraced them, including of course–MTV which, along with American Bandstand, the radio, and later VH1, helped launch their career.

George Michael was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou on June 25th, 1963, in East Finchley, London.  He attended Bushey Meads School, where he meets future band mate Andrew Ridgely, who he started the legendary 80’s pop group with–WHAM!

It was June 16th, 1982, when Wham!’s first single, “Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)” was released. It later  peaked at #8 on the UK singles chart.  A cute, rebellious, lighthearted pop-rap hit, the song actually carried a profound message, telling the world–“Don’t do work that you are not happy doing.  Find what you love, and then only do that which makes you happy.”

Two years later, May 14th, 1984, WHAM! reached superstar status with their #1 Hit “Wake Me Up (Before you Go Go) that gave the world yet another cute, highly danceable, and utterly unforgettable song. During the height of the abortion rights debates, George Michael pushed politics with the hit video, wearing a snow white t-shirt with the words emblazoned “CHOOSE LIFE” on the front and back of it, as well as worn by his band mates.  Shedding any attempt at machismo, George embraced portraying himself however he felt; political, flirty, cute, and before he publicly declared it–gay.

When WHAM! stopped making music together, lead singer George Michael soon later burst back on to the scene with dark, brooding, soulful songs that hit the top of the charts, and gained even more fans around the world. Those that loved WHAM! were hooked, and even those that didn’t now had a new appreciation for a man who proved to have even greater talent, soul, and passion than the world realized.

Shattering any idea that he was simply a one hit wonder with nothing deep to say after “Wake me Up,” George Michael released a searing, melancholic, solo ballad, yet still under The Wham! title. Just two months later in July 24th, 1984, “Careless Whispers–” like “Wake me Up,” dominated the charts, and brilliantly made George Michael a certified star, worthy of respect.

Handsome, charming, and with a voice like silk, George Michael was here to stay.  Yet far from merely a lighthearted pop star with a brooding ballad, George’s music was filled with a dark side, dealing with subjects including lost love, rebellion, disappointing ones parents, religion, sex, and death.

On June 1st In 1987, “I Want Your Sex”, the first single from George’s debut solo album, Faith, was released. Despite being banned by the BBC, the song hits #3 on the UK charts and #2 in the U.S.  Ending with the slogan “Explore Monogamy.”  George’s hit song “I want Your Sex” proved daring not only due to the provocative subject matter of the song, but also pushing inter-racial sex relations, with a pretty Chinese woman he tries to seduce in the video.

A stellar singer and songwriter, George Michael was also a great model, who loved fashion and was embraced by the fashion world. On October 30th, 1990, George Michael’s hit song  “Freedom! ’90” single was released–directed by David Fincher–reaching the top 10 on the U.S. charts. The video features supermodels Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz and Christy Turlington, showing his love for fashion and supermodels, and their love for George.

Performing with many stars of his time including Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, and Elton John among more, George Michael was recognized by his peers as a true great–a star who deserved it.

Up as a nominee for the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2017, the award should certainly be awarded to George Michael, which is an accolade that recognizes the work and contributions of composers and lyricists who create great music around the world. George has been nominated as a performer/songwriter for his extensive catalog of songwriting credits including chart-toppers including the beautiful “Careless Whisper,” the romantic “Father Figure,” and the timeless “Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go.”  The voted winner will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame at the Annual Awards & Induction Gala on June 15, 2017.

George Michael was busy putting the finishing touches to his special documentary film “Freedom” before he passed on.  He had discovered some incredible, unseen archive footage and was busy shooting additional interviews for the project, with the film planned to air in March 2017.  To coincide with the film’s broadcast, George and Sony Music had decided to move the reissue of the Listen Without Prejudice album to the same time.

On Christmas Day, December 25th, 2106, George Michael passed on.  He never had the chance to get old, and like his wish–stayed forever young.  George Michael was a truly great artist, an AMAZING and beautiful spririt, who will be missed, and remembered always.


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