About The Hollywood Sentinel

The Hollywood Sentinel is the free online entertainment magazine that features ‘only’ the good news, and covers all areas of entertainment, including fashion, film, art, fiction, music, and more.  The Hollywood Sentinel features regular, exclusive interviews with the stars, as well as breaking news in the world of entertainment through its daily subscription based e-mail list for VIP’s only.  The Hollywood Sentinel is also unique in that it is e-mailed to the offices of every star in its pages.  The Hollywood Sentinel also interviews many leaders in the spiritual sector, as well as the New Age community.  Unlike many publications which have claimed to report only the good news, long after The Hollywood Sentinel’s creation, The Hollywood Sentinel does not advocate or promote any aspects contrary to an all natural, healthy lifestyle.

The Hollywood Sentinel also features many areas of the arts left out of many Hollywood publications, such as fiction, poetry, and art.  The Hollywood Sentinel is further unique in that it provides free ongoing advice on success in the entertainment industry from working Hollywood executives, as well as how to keep children safe in Hollywood.  It also provides valuable information on success in life and on setting and achieving one’s goals.  Most importantly, The Hollywood Sentinel provides news and entertainment with a perspective of seeking spiritual awareness, and having and maintaining a sense of high level integrity in one’s life and work.


About The Hollywood Sentinel Founder: Bruce Edwin

Bruce Edwin is founding creator of The Hollywood Sentinel.  He is also founding CEO of Starpower Management LLC, the world renown model and talent management firm.  Bruce also created subnormal magazine and subnormal productions in the late 80’s.  Subnormal magazine became one of the world’s must notorious underground punk magazines.  Bruce began filmmaking in the early 90’s in Chicago during film school, making numerous experimental films, as well as a rare documentary titled “Wall Street Before the War,” which featured rare footage of what is now referred to as Ground Zero.  A poet, writer, producer, director, and occasional pop artist, Bruce has interviewed and photographed some of the biggest stars of our time.  In Chicago, he regularly promoted bands, and on special occasions DJ’d, spinning the best in the so called Gothic-Industrial rock genre.  Bruce Edwin’s companies now represent billions of dollars worth of deals, and numerous stars among more.  Bruce is now producing the webisode “Hollyweird!” and currently has 12 feature films in various stages of production.  Bruce Edwin’s charitable work includes helping to educate parents on how to keep kids safe in Hollywood, teaching aspiring actors and models how to succeed, and the prevention of child trafficking.


About The Hollywood Sentinel Art and Literature Editor: Moira ​Cue

Multimedia artist Moira Cue stars in the new webisode, “Hollyweird!”  She has also appeared in films including ‘The Visitor From Planet Omicron,” “and “The Extra,” among more.  A singer and songwriter, Moira Cue has appeared on stage at notable venues including The Tempest, The Knitting Factory, and Viper Room among more.  Her music has been featured in films including “Pool Time” and “Hollyweird!”  Moira Cue stars in Episode #1 of Hollyweird! opposite Michael Lohan.   A prolific artist, Moira Cue has artworks in the collection of notables including pop star Madonna, among others.  In 2014, her black and white “font series I” was exhibited in 2014 at the esteemed Bruce Lurie Gallery, in Los Angeles, California.  Moira also serves as art and literature editor for The Hollywood Sentinel.  Her art criticism for the publication has been published and reported on world wide, as well as used by international artists in their hard copy books.  A four time marathon runner, Moira currently enjoys long mountain hikes in her spare time.  Her charitable work includes helping the homeless.

About “Hollyweird!”

Created and produced by Bruce Edwin, “Hollyweird!” is an ongoing, free webisodic comedy, partly scripted, and part documentary, about living and working in Hollywood.  Bringing to the world funny stories with real life working actors, models, agents, managers, producers, directors, casting directors, musicians, and more, “Hollyweird!” is a wild, unique comedy fit for all ages.  Soon releasing new episodes weekly, “Hollyweird!” features regular stars and guest stars including some of today’s biggest celebrities.  Episode #1 of “Hollyweird!,” written and produced by Bruce Edwin, and shot and directed by Jessica Gallant, was released in December of 2015 on The Hollywood Sentinel, and stars Michael Lohan and Moira Cue.


About Starpower Management LLC

World renowned model and talent management firm “Starpower Management”  was founded by writer and producer Bruce Edwin in the early 90’s, based on the song ‘Starpower’ by the band Sonic Youth, with the band’s blessings.  The firm later opened its first office in Chicago’s Gold Coast area in the late 90’s, and later relocated to Los Angeles in the early 2000’s, where it is now licensed in Santa Monica, California.  Starpower Management has helped many young actors become eligible members of the Screen Actors Guild, starting the careers of many.  The firm represented David Williams; Michael Jackson’s guitarist on songs including ‘Billie Jean,’ ‘Thriller,’ and ‘Beat It’ among more.  Today, Starpower Management represents several billion dollars worth of deals, including real estate, Master Works of fine art, movie studios, stars, and much more.


About subnormal magazine

Created in the late 80’s by human rights activist and poet Zadge and Bruce Edwin, subnormal began as a cut and paste punk fanzine featuring poetry and music.  It quickly evolved to work with every major record label, as well as many indies, and became a gloss cover offset printed publication, distributed world wide by Tower Records.  It later added a film section, promoting a new film at the time called “Pulp Fiction,” among others.  subnormal first featured exclusive interviews with many of the world’s best bands and talent, including Bauhaus, Peter Murphy, Love and Rockets, Concrete Blonde, Dweezil Zappa, Jewel, Duncan Sheik, Madeleine Peyroux, The Cranberries, Violent Femmes, Fugazi, Orb, Orbital, Front Line Assembly, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Deftones, Minor Threat, Martin Atkins (Nine Inch Nails, Public Image Limited), Front 242, Poe, Tones on Tail, Marilyn Manson, D.R.I., Death In June, Jawbox, Rozz Williams, Sleep Chamber, Live Skull, The Smashing Pumpkins, 11th Dream Day, Killing Joke, Marion, Swans, Ivy, TSOL, Sonic Youth, and many, many more.  Subnormal magazine reached readers world wide before the Internet, with its diy self-publishing and massive street team efforts established in many countries, as a brave and defiant voice for freedom, and human rights.  subnormal also created and self published numerous other spin off fanzines collected world wide, and also created a distribution division for rare music, magazines, and chapbooks of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

The magazines own “subnormal productions” booked its infamous showcase party which featured bands Usherhouse, and an early version of kill hannah, among more, which saw the some of the fans of the magazine drive cross country for the event that also showcased rare and independent magazines and music.  Subnormal Productions and Bruce Edwin took the magazine on the road twice nation-wide, touring with punk rock legend Dave Vanian of The Damned with his band Phantom Chords, playing NYC’s legendary club The Limelight among many other dates.  Subnormal Productions also booked and toured with members of Christian Death and Shadow Project among more.  The magazine later revisited NYC, finding more heavy support with clubs including legendary punk rock club CBGB’s among others.

Subnormal returned to publishing online, later in the 2000’s,  featuring exclusive interviews with David Lynch, and later with The Hollywood Sentinel with exclusive interviews with Noam Chomsky, Christian Death with Valor, A Fine Frenzy, and Nervo, among more.  subnormal returns to the world in 2016 with its own site.


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