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Shut Down Tyrants! –Not America!

A wheatpaste of a raccoon painting a “circle-A” anarchy sign on the side of a building near the UC Berkeley campus. Eekiv – Own work (source: WikiCommons / fair use)

The true face of fascism and tyranny by certain federal, state, county, city, and local “leaders” has now been exposed. Instead of wisely calling for the consensual quarantine of the sick and weak elderly around us that we can all care for and love, the nazi-tyrants have insanely convinced the WORLD to quarantine the healthy, and literally shut down and DESTROY society, for a virus that has killed not even a small fraction of one percent of any micro or macro population.  This is madness, insanity, and counter to survival and LIFE when a human being is denied work. The shutdown was a FARCE, based on LIES, whose excuses are now changing and extending by the tyrants who are enemies of life itself.

It is bad enough when a person cannot find work, and goes hungry. When countless throughout the world HAVE work and can and want to feed and care of themselves, but the governments have all been manipulated or willingly and knowingly commit evil and agree to be led by evil nazi’s to have ALL governments NOT LET PEOPLE WORK, this one of the sickest, most vile acts a government can do.

Factually, these global “leaders” have engaged in a coordinated PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE of PANIC and FEAR, an ECONOMIC WARFARE of prohibiting work, and a WAR ON FREEDOM of individual liberty and movement, trickling down through to State, County, City, and local nazi’s and Petty Tyrants.

The LA County Department of  so-called Public Health has allegedly identified 36,259 positive cases of COVID-19 across all areas of LA County, and a total of 1,755 deaths out of over 10 million people in LA County.  A whopping 92% of people who died had underlying health conditions.  1% of 10 million is 100,000. This means, not even one tenth of one percent of the population has died from the Chinese Coronavirus. When factoring in the 92% with underlying health conditions, the death rate by Covid19 only reduces yet further to ridiculously low.

NO death from anything–including crossing the street–is to be taken lightly. However, the tiny number of deaths from Covid19 in LA County alone are NOT worth plunging half of the population into joblessness for, and ending all of our constitutional rights over. The justification for doing this in the name of “PUBLIC HEALTH” is a LIE.

Fight to get your FREEDOM BACK NOW while you still can!
Steps to do:
1, Contact Constitutional Lawyers to bring individual and class action suits against tyrants violating your constitutional rights, which has already worked in Wisconsin among more.
2, Continue peaceful civil disobedience which is working.
3, Contact and ask heads of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police forces to NOT enforce anti-constitutional mandates by politicians, as this is also working.
4, Publicly acknowledge and thank those police and politicians who are defending your constitutional rights so that they know you appreciate them doing the right thing, which will also help encourage others to step up and do the right thing too.
5, Publicly condemn and protest those who are violating rights and acting on fascism.  Peacefully and lawfully protest in front of their homes.
6, Sign petitions to have Fauci, Gates, and others brought to justice. This is also working, getting attention in the media, and making millions of people more aware of their rights being violated by politicians , and that they can actually do something to fix this.
7, Call Attorney General Barr, and organize massive call drives to him, notifying that constitutional laws are being broken rampantly by politicians, and name them and name what they are doing in your area and ask him to take swift legal action against them.
Call the US Justice Dept right now at 202-514-2000 to leave a message on their voice mail system, saying something like this:

“I would like to leave a message for attorney General William Barr. I am (your first and last name), and I live in the State of (your State). I believe Governor ( first and last name of your Governor) has been and still is violating our Constitutional Rights. I am requesting an immediate investigation of (his/her) executive orders and actions, in response to the Covid-19 situation.”

If it is a Mayor, City Council Member, or other official violating rights, name them.

Contact the Justice Department by email via their website below and report the same if you do not call.

8. Spread the truth by sharing factual writers, speakers, and defenders of freedom online and with those you talk to.

9. Visualize your freedoms BACK and focus on positive change.  Stay educated, but do not let the enemies of freedom rob you of your happiness and joy.

10. Condemn and boycott fascist big-tech companies and social media companies that are against freedom of speech and censor anything they disagree with.

11. Organize with like minded lovers of freedom and get their names and phone numbers.

12. Begin to function and be prepared to mobilize your forces OFF the grid.

13. Copy all your data on big tech clouds to hard copy back up.

14, Do not let people shame you or humiliate you for defending freedom. Know that the actions you take are nothing to be ashamed of. There are also countless people in America and around the world, as well as top leaders in governments who agree with you and support your defense of liberty, freedom, and constitutional rights.  Be proud to stand up against tyranny.

15. Settle for NOTHING less than ALL freedoms had before March 2020!

“They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.” –-Benjamin Franklin

Patrick Henry video and words: fair use.  Subnormal text–anti-copyright. Permission granted to reproduce if you are not a fascist. subnormal magazine does not endorse ads on videos by crap companies.  Killing Jokes’s lyric video for ‘I Am The Virus’ from the album, ‘Pylon’ – available via Spinefarm Records 23rd October 2015. Produced by Killing Joke and Tom Dalgety. Mixed by Tom Dalgety Pre-order the album & exclusive merch: Site: iTunes: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Subscribe to the Spinefarm Records YouTube channel:

–Freedom NOW! 

Hollywood Needs to Maintain Reason With Reaction to Covid19

Image: Scarlett_Johansson_@_Hollywood_Walk_of_Fame_10. Photo credit:
mbtrama from Upland, CA, USA – May 3, 2012. Courtesy of WikiCommons, fair use.

As the Hollywood Studios and film, TV and Game Industry discusses new policies and procedures in dealing with Covid19, and attempting to mitigate spread of the virus when production resumes, we urge caution in not evading logic and reason.

We have been reading about some very disturbing ideas being tossed around by studios and producers which are preposterous. For example; forcibly temperature testing actors and crew before they are allowed to work, Covid19 screening, having no craft service menus but rather pre-packaged, wrapped food, not having kissing or love scenes, and not using shooting equipment more than once, among more.  This is all insanity,  and needs condemned.

Let’s start at the top of that list–temperature testing. Temperature testing does nothing, because from the data we now know, a person can be a positive carrier of Covid19 while being asymptomatic. In other words, fever is not necessarily an indicator for being a carrier or super-carrier for the virus. Secondly, many cases of active Covid19 have a only a very mild fever, so mild in fact that they are in the normal range of body temperature. Thirdly, even if a person runs a high fever, they may knowingly try to trick temperature testers by taking medications which are ‘fever blockers,’ or may unknowingly have said results while  being on such medications without covert intent.

As for testing, concerning the Lateral Flow Assay, or antibodies tests, with approximately 14 on the market, only 4 of the 14 tests are at or above the 80% range of accuracy, and even the most accurate tests are still showing false-positives. In other words, the best antibody tests are not necessarily accurate.

Secondly, not all Covid19 cases even show antibodies whatsoever, depending on the duration and severity of the case.  In the case of MERS, antibodies were seen to exist up to two years after infection. Covid19 is too “novel”  (new) to have enough accurate data as to any correlative duration.

As for the Covid19 tests themselves, let us look at the PCR test, where they shove a cotton swab up your nose that hits the back  your throat–real fun. That one has a whopping failure rate of 30%.  Some clinicians claim now it’s wrong only 15 to 25% of the time. Yet that depends on what company swab kit you use,  who does the testing–if they are doing it correctly or not–and who reads it (whether it is being read correctly or not). That’s still pretty terrible quality control.

Self-appointed health czar Bill Gates claims that the swab can be as accurate if someone just swipes their own nose, and not as deep. That analytical data has not been made public as far as we know, and regardless, still succumbs to the failure ratio noted above.

Other new in-clinic tests are too experimental, with not enough data as to their accuracy. They are also not very practical for the insane ideas being suggested by some, for the film industry.

Do studios force workers to get an AIDS/HIV test like the sex industry does? Or tested for strep throat, flu, or other communicable diseases for example? What about psychological testing, to determine someone is not a terrorist, considering terrorists can cause mass casualty? Certain “religions” statistically have a higher number of “terrorists” within their ranks. Should religious tests begin in the name of the “public good?” Some races and ethnicity are more prone to certain disease, drug abuse, and absenteeism than others. This may also extend to sexual orientation. do we next forcibly test based on gender orientation and race?  Some may say that New Yorkers are more prone to speeding and hypertension, whereas those from Iowa hold up lines and are more lazy. Do we start discriminating against those based on their geographic orientation next? Politicians are known to lie and many are low on the ethics scale. Should we give ethics tests and lie detector tests to anyone considering becoming an elected public official?

Forcing Covid19 tests–whether at late or early stages are neither practical,  accurate, or constitutional.  What would happen if someone was declared a Covid case, but were not, treated like a lepar, and sent home based on a faulty test? Covid19 tests–even if they were accurate–which they are not–do not test when a person still may be a carrier or super-carrier when they are asymptomatic. Antibodies tests–which are even less accurate–do not determine the onset of infection and thus–do not determine the time period of potential zero communicability factor.

As for food, while logic tells anyone that something that can survive in the air or on a table for hours, must surely last on food for some time. Insanely, the CDC claims there is no proof that Covid19 can last on food, which makes no sense. Then again–neither does the CDC. They were after all, the ones that initially told us Covid19 was nothing to worry about, then they said that masks did nothing, and not to wear them.

Regardless, as long as food prep is handled in a sanitary manner, which it should be anyway, than there should be no changes to food. Chefs can serve food, wearing gloves, or individual items can be taken or bought.  Buffet food lines are often unsanitary and disgusting anyway.

Another insane bit of data, is that experts claim that Covid19 can transmit through the air, on hands, etc,  yet many same experts claim that there is no proof of Covid19 transmitting sexually. Considering that children have reportedly been born with the virus–if we can believe this, then this surely must be inaccurate that it can transmit sexually.  Regardless, we are not talking about the sex industry here, we are talking about mainstream Hollywood, where any love scenes are supposed to be simulated–not real.  Actors who do love scenes or kissing scenes do so of their own volition anyway.  The same must be true of any love scene or kissing scene during the pandemic. If two actors feel like kissing or doing a love scene and the script calls for it, then that is their decision and must be up to them and to the producer.  They need to make up their own minds as to who they feel safe with, if they do, and under what circumstances.

To prevent anyone’s artistic expression under the guise of “public health” is a crime against a free society, and against the free expression of art.

One’s ability to choose what role they take or to choose what actor to work with, is arguably far less dangerous than standing in the line at the grocery store after touching a pile of groceries other shoppers put their hands on, if we are to believe the communicability factor of the disease.

As for not using rental equipment for shooting more than once, this too is madness. Everything has germs. Literally–everything.  A person can be walking in their shoes at home and walk in  invisible Covid19 germs on their living room floor, then walk on set, tie their shoe, accidentally touch the bottom of the shoe, go to the bathroom, touch the sink handle, blow their nose, and then touch the sink again. 50 people later touch the sink. Germs. Covid19.

Unless a person wants to go try hide in a cave or in their house without touching any mail, money, food outside of their home, packages, or other things for the next year or more, it is possible that every human being on plant Earth may eventually be exposed to Covid19–just as they are exposed to other viruses such as the cold (also a coronavirus) or the flu.

Trying to hide from germs and think that anyone can keep germs away forever is not based in reality.  It is not logical or sane to think one can hide from what is essentially in the air.

Those that are weak, ill, or too afraid to be out functioning in society have the right to stay home, and should if they want to.  Those that are healthy, strong, and want to be outside, at the office, at the studio, or on set working and shooting should have that right–unencumbered.

Studios, producers and filmmakers have one obligation to their cast and crew and one main one only; providing factual education on the actual numbers of deaths of Covid19 in the world, and in their city, provide the factual data on how it is transmitted, provide information on halting its spread, and provide CHOICES to those who want them. Most importantly, they owe their cast and crew the FREEDOM TO WORK.

1, Those that want Covid19 tests can have them, Employees that are large enough may pay for them for their workers.

2, Those that want an antibodies test can have them. Employers that are large enough, again may elect to pay for them for their workers, cast and crew.

3, Those that want to wear masks in crowded areas or gloves can. Employers that can find them and afford to, can supply N95 masks to those who ask for them, considering most other masks are basically useless.

Those that do not want to wear masks must have the right NOT to. If masks actually worked, then those that wore them wouldn’t have to worry about those that didn’t anyway. 

4, Those that want to work must be allowed to.

5, Those that do work must sign a legal release stating they will not sue if they contract the virus, whether real or alleged.

Ultimately, the best decisions of how to handle and manage operations during the continuation of the virus should best be done with education, reason, and consensual freedom. Not panic, not false data, and not anything that unduly impinges upon the freedom of the worker or the artist.  Stop the panic in Hollywood–and please-let those who want to safely do so–get back to work!

–Bruce Edwin

Bruce Edwin is publisher of Hollywood Sentinel, CEO of Starpower Management, and managing publicist with Hollywood Sentinel PR. He has served as publicist for a half a year for a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Infectious Diseases specialists treating Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid19) patients.  Bruce Edwin may be contacted at 310-226-7176 or 

Nickelodeon Viewership Soared With Kids Home from School During Lockdown–Greenlights 2 New Shows 

Nickelodeon is challenging the medium with two brand-new virtually interactive greenlights premiering this summer–Group Chat: The Show and Game Face (working titles). Hosted by social media stars Annie LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels, Group Chat: The Show is a video chat rundown of the week’s latest hot topics, taken directly from what the show says kids love and are talking about across social media.  Game Face is a game show that features a star-studded panel that must guess the identities of virtually disguised celebrity guests.

“Group Chat: The Show and Game Face will bring together kids’ favorite celebrities and topics in a format meant to live across all Nickelodeon screens,” said Ashley Kaplan, Senior Vice President, Digital Studios. “The virtual filming of these shows will provide the fun escape kids crave, but also let them know that we understand what they’re going through and are listening to what they have to say.”

Group Chat: The Show (six episodes) is a new pop culture talk show hosted by Annie LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels, co-stars of Nickelodeon’s Side Hustle.  Each episode will also feature Hayley LeBlanc (Mani), along with fan-favorite stars, as they talk about the hottest trend topics of the week based on what kids are currently discussing across social media, play games and compete in challenges–all via video chat.  Group Chat: The Show premieres Saturday, May 23, at 8:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

In Game Face (six episodes), celebrities’ true identities are hidden behind an animated filter and voice changer in the game show, while a star-studded panel is given wacky clues and competes to decipher the mystery guest.  Viewers can get in on the fun by downloading the show’s filters to transform into the same characters as their favorite celebrities. A host will be announced at a later date. Game Face will begin remote production this month, with a premiere slated for Saturday, June 13, at 8:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

Since March 16, at the start of the lockdown in LA, with all the kids home from school, the Nickelodeon portfolio (Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nicktoons and TeenNick) has posted double-digits gains with Kids 6-11, up +24% versus prior four weeks and +5% year over year. Over the last month, Nickelodeon has posted double-digit gains, up +22% with Kids 6-11 (1.1/148,000) versus prior four weeks.

Nickelodeon’s YouTube channels (Nickelodeon, SpongeBob, All That, America’s Most Musical Family, Nick Animation, NickRewind, Henry Danger, The Loud House and The Casagrandes) have posted double-digit increases in consumption. The weekly average for the week of 3/15/20 – week of 4/19/20 was up +75% in views, and +95% in watch time compared to the 10 weeks prior (week 1/5/20 – week 3/8/20).

Production of Group Chat: The Show and Game Face for Nickelodeon is overseen by Ashley Kaplan, Senior Vice President, Digital Studios; Luke Wahl, Vice President, Digital Studios; and Paul J. Medford, Vice President, Unscripted Current Series.

Dare to Feel Happy & Safe

English: US Postage stamp, Credo issue of 1961, 4c, famous quote by Patrick Henry, Date: 11 January 1961. Source: US Post Office Smithsonian National Postal Museum Photo image obtained/rendered by Gwillhickers. Author: US Post Office. Courtesy of WikiCommons, Fair Use.


And welcome to the new issue of The Hollywood Sentinel. And my, what a time it is. As we are in the process of re-designing our pages for increased  functionality with smart phone usage, we invite you to explore our pages on your laptop as well now, through our table of contents tab on the left of this site. Check back often, as many pages will be updated throughout the week.

Music video by U2 performing Beautiful Day (C) 2000 Universal-Island Records Limited.

If you are reading these words, you should be aware that there are reportedly over 4 billion people on the planet that do not have internet access as you do right now. That’s a very large segment of the global population. 13 countries, including China, Iran, and North Korea either have no internet or very limited freedom of speech or of what they can read online.

Reportedly 1.8 billion people, or around 25% of the global population, do not have access to clean water.

Around 1.6 billion people on the planet do not have adequate housing.

And not only do approximately 1.1 billion people not own a cell phone, they don’t even have electricity.

We are not telling you this information to depress you, but rather—to remind you of how fortunate you really are.

The fact that you have a warm place to live, with electricity, own a cell phone, have access to clean water, have the internet, and have a fairly large degree of freedom of speech, makes you far more fortunate than billions of other people on planet Earth. You can be thankful for all of these things right now.

I dare you to think of this. And just close your eyes for a few minutes, and let yourself feel the gratitude of all that you have right now. You have a lot.

The Hollywood Sentinel, since it’s beginning over 11 years ago, has been dedicated to reporting ONLY the good news, and dedicated to bringing the world our celebration of all areas of the arts.

Your body and your life itself is a miracle; a masterwork of art made by a genius creator. Your body automatically seeks—like a flower reaching for the sun—to heal itself, and to live.

Do not let the world and media tell you that you are sick and weak, and that you need to give up your freedoms and wait for the pharmaceutical industry to give you drugs to save you, before you can have your freedom back or a chance of living.

Do not Panic, Avoid Fear

Even if a meteor were going to strike the earth in 30 days that we knew about, wiping out all of humanity, it would not serve us to be fearful and panic and be miserable. The thing to do in that situation would be to spend out our last days living for each moment with happiness, thanks, and gratitude, love for ourselves, treating ourselves well, love for our loved ones and every other person on planet earth, love for the earth, and love for our creator (if you believe in that), and making peace with our mortality and preparing for death. If one believed in an afterlife, they should do things spiritually that make them feel most successful in handling that transition.

How to Help Prevent Getting the Virus? 

1, Be happy. Any enemy you will ever have in your life wants you to be miserable. They want you miserable, and in fear. Fear weakens the immune system.

You may be angry over the situation and what is going on. That’s normal. Set aside a few short minutes a day where you allow yourself to get angry if you must–and then let it go. Bring yourself back to gratitude, love, and happiness, as much as you can. Don’t let anyone else pull you into emotions you are not ready to deal with. Do what’s right for you. Take care of yourself first–and others later, when you can.

ASSUME great health. Focus on great health–not sickness, and not symptoms. What we put our attention on is what we get. 

2, Do not stress. Stress, a form of fear, weakens the body. When stress gets too bad, it causes the body to literally attack itself. This triggers the virus or makes it worse.  Avoid stressful things including most media, negative people, and toxic situations.

3, Exercise. Exercise boosts the immune system. Work out daily, even if it’s just a mile or two walk in the neighborhood. But more is better.

4, Get plenty of sunshine, a natural source of Vitamin D, which boosts immunity. In addition, take vitamin D supplements as needed.

5, Take vitamin C and Zinc, which even some doctors have now had to admit help fight infection.  Take a multi-vitamin as needed.

6, Eat healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid greasy, fried foods. Avoid chemical laden, processed foods. Avoid GMO’s. Avoid too much  meat, or avoid it all together. Eat healthy, balanced, nutritious meals.

Drink a lot of water. At least 1 glass of fresh clean water per hour.

7, Get plenty of good sleep, at least 8 hours a night.

8, Set goals daily and achieve them each day. Stay clean, keep goal oriented, and stay busy.

9, Focus on making money and work smarter. Don’t assume you can’t make money. Don’t let the world and media convince you that you should give up and hide in a corner. Life is not over. You will make it.

10, If you can get a N95 or K95 mask, get one and wear it if you feel safer doing so when you are near people.  If it makes you feel better wearing something else, go for it.

11, If you feel safer doing what we call “anti” social-distancing, than do that. You should always be clean and wash your hands regularly as needed during any time–including now.

12, Be kind to those who disagree with you, and be a source of patience and kindness.

If you feel you have contracted Covid19, What to Do?

(This following information is the opinion of the editor, and is not to  interpreted as medical advice or the substitute of a medical professional).

1, Call a doctor immediately that you can trust if you feel you need to. If you take any, read about any drugs before you take them, and their side effects. It is always best to avoid man-made chemicals, whenever possible.

2, Breathe in steam which can even be a hot shower as needed.

3, Get pure mint oil or similar, to put in your nose and breathe in as needed. Test on your hand first to make sure it is safe to do so.  The following link has the one that we use, called Sunbreeze.

4, Gargle with salt water regularly, and rinse your nose regularly with salt water, breathing in as needed to clear your head, Blow it out.

5, Repeat the list above in steps 1 through 10 and do more of each of 1 through 7.

6. If you believe in a higher power than you–pray.

7, Trust and simply have faith in yourself, your body, and the universe which is a benevolent place and is looking out for you.

8, Music has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system. Listen to great music that makes you feel good.

9, Smile and laugh, and watch happy, funny things that make you feel hope.

10, Do Qigong! An incredible, healing practice that combines slow martial arts like movements with moving meditation. Here is one of our favorites:

Visit here for more great Qigong:

We wish you much peace, love, and happiness during these terribly trying times.  Read these lists often, as needed, and do them. Trust and know that we WILL get through this, and if you are reading this, I trust that YOU will come out bigger and stronger and better than ever before.

–Bruce Edwin

As always, if you have questions, you may contact us at 310-226-7176. If we answer your question, your question and our answer may be published for the world to see.

This content is (c) 2020 Hollywood Sentinel, all world rights reserved.