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3:00 PM- 9:00 PM EST / Friday & Saturday April 3-4, 2021
A colossal lineup has been announced for the Tobacco Dock Virtual Opening Weekend, which is completely free-to-attend across all platforms and devices. Taking place on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd April 2021, the two-day Easter Weekend partython features over 40 artists playing across four arenas at the immersive, virtual venue, including Chase & Status, Adam Beyer, Wilkinson, Hot Since 82, Patrick Topping, Eats Everything, Skream, Nastia, Camo & Krooked, Flava D, Sherelle, Imogen, Emerald, Mollie Collins and many more.

Tobacco Dock Virtual is a pioneering project from electronic music promoters, LWE and leading virtual live events platform, Sansar, that sees the iconic London venue recreated in stunning detail. Available on mobile, MAC, tablet, PC, or VR through the Sansar app or any browser – without need for specialist equipment. Live-stream and media partner, Beatport, will also broadcast sets across Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and
Replicating the social experience as closely as possible, partygoers can meet and catch up with friends, throw shapes on the dancefloor and explore the cavernous venue together. Adding to the shared experience, a range of games and quests can also be enjoyed, including custom avatars, quests and challenges. In this world that defies physics, there are also plenty of surprises, such as zero-gravity dancefloors. – All from the comfort of home without a bathroom queue in sight.
Good Friday’s opening show celebrates house and techno with some of the biggest names in clubland, alongside exciting rising talent. The Great Gallery plays host to Enzo Siragusa, Hot Since 82, Skream, Rinse FM’s Emerald and the hotly-tipped stylings of SYREETA. Techno seekers can head to the Car Park where Adam Beyer, Sasha, Nastia, Helena Star and Imogen will be happy to oblige. Eats Everything and Patrick Topping take headline slots in The Terrace in association with Relentless Energy Drink, with Alisha, Eliza Rose and Jaden Thompson also performing. Mr. Afterparty host the Little Gallery with Riva Starr, East End Dubs, Siggy Smalls, Miky J b2b Knowwhat and Lily Rivers.
Bass-fingers at the ready for Saturday’s programme, uniting some of the biggest names in D&B. Return II Jungle with Chase & Status takeover the Great Gallery with BouIrah, Sherelle and Tim ReaperHospitality host the Car Park, with headline line sets from Camo & Krooked, Flava DKing of The Rollers plus, Lens & Tempza, Metrik and a full squad of MCs to keep the big vibes pumping. At the TerraceUKF Presents Hyper Vision with D&B royalty Wilkinson topping the bill. High-octane performances will also come from AMC, Mollie Collins, Skepsis and TS7 with a special guest still be to announced. Completing the Opening Weekend offering, Keep Hush take control of the Little Gallery with Angel D’LiteBailey IbbsDecibellaIla Brugal Tailor Jae and encore set from Tim Reaper.
Whilst we all await the reopening of our beloved clubs and venues, Tobacco Dock Virtual Opening Weekend offers a welcome slice of party action for the Easter celebrations.
TDv’s Opening Weekend is the next development in LWE’s plan to unleash a new generation of hybrid-reality music events that merge virtual and mobile gaming platforms with real life shows. Creating a web of connectivity between worlds that has never been seen before.
Create a free account to download a free ticket. Tickets downloaded before the end of February include free TDv merch for your avatar!

Be Brave in 2021

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” –Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

FEAR is an emotional state. It is not something outside of you that someone can give or take. The only one that can make YOU afraid is YOU. So, do NOT let the politicians, the media, even well intentioned “friends” on social media, or ANYONE scare you into being afraid of anything. You are an adult. You know not to cross the street when cars are coming. You know not to touch a hot stove. You know not to go rock climbing 10,000 feet if you have never trained or done it competently before. You know what can hurt you and what to reach for and what to avoid. You DO NOT NEED to be afraid. Fear does not serve you. Fear is one of the many covert psychological WEAPONS of an enemy. Do NOT let the enemy steal your peace in 2021. Do not fear poverty. Learn how to make money and invest it. Do not fear tyranny or censorship of free speech. Stand up and fight for what you believe in. Do no fear disease or a virus. Learn how to be boost your immune system. Do not fear the daily barrage of bad news and insanity that the media propagates to try control you. Be IMMUNE to propaganda. Be un-brainwashable. Be POWERFUL. And be Brave. Wishing you much love, happiness and peace in 2021.

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–Bruce Edwin (c) 2021 Hollywood Sentinel

Finding Success in Love

What is success? Success is an often an elusive thing that is defined differently depending on who you talk to. To some, success is great health and happiness. To others, it is fame and fortune. And yet to some, it is all of these. One thing we can be sure of; the measurement of success “should” also include the level of one’s happiness. And a part of how happy we are, is often reflective by how fulfilled we are in our relationships.”  –Hollywood Sentinel

The Importance of Love in Becoming Successful and How to Find It: 

By Elite Connections

When it comes to finding love, we ourselves must be content in our own life to achieve a lifelong partner. Once you have achieved that place in life, you then will have possessed many great qualities along the way that you can finally offer to someone special, and vice versa. Being successful in life is one amazing quality to possess.

Securing that bag, getting that dream job, that smooth ride amongst other stuff. But what’s the point of amassing wealth and other nice things with no one to share it with? Be that power couple everyone talks about. Your one true love. Today there are so many ways that singles can look for love.

To save you the stress of finding the needle in the haystack on dating sites, Elite Connections is a matchmaking agency that gives you the ultimate value for your money. Elite Connections has some of the best matchmakers that offer much more than just your average casual matches picked from a computer system or app.

Some common complaints Elite Connections has heard from people is that many successful singles drown in doubt of ever finding love. Rest assured that Elite Connections and their matchmaking team are the queens of professional dating sites and they carefully select client needs individually to generate the best outcome when it comes to soulmate searching. You will read nothing but heaps of positive comments from Elite Connections reviews. Surely, you’d want to end your torment in the realm of finding romance.

One major complaint Elite Connections frequently hears from singles is about their chances of meeting the right person. Elite Connections has a vast array of experts whose mission is to deliver that perfect match for you. This will help reassure you that it won’t end like a horrifying Lifetime movie you have watched before. You can find love with some of the best matchmakers Elite Connections has to offer. Why Elite Connections you ask? Because Elite Connections uses a specific algorithm that helps their matchmakers use process of elimination when finding the right match for you.

 Elite Connections reviews has indicated that their matchmaking agency offers a personalized approach that allows this process to be so successful. Reach out to Elite Connections and their matchmaking agency to help match you with the right significant other. Let’s improve your dating life and not put it to a halt just because you are in despair of what to do right now, especially during a pandemic. Don’t settle for swiping. Trust the process.

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