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Finding Success in Love

What is success? Success is an often an elusive thing that is defined differently depending on who you talk to. To some, success is great health and happiness. To others, it is fame and fortune. And yet to some, it is all of these. One thing we can be sure of; the measurement of success “should” also include the level of one’s happiness. And a part of how happy we are, is often reflective by how fulfilled we are in our relationships.”  –Hollywood Sentinel

The Importance of Love in Becoming Successful and How to Find It: 

By Elite Connections

When it comes to finding love, we ourselves must be content in our own life to achieve a lifelong partner. Once you have achieved that place in life, you then will have possessed many great qualities along the way that you can finally offer to someone special, and vice versa. Being successful in life is one amazing quality to possess.

Securing that bag, getting that dream job, that smooth ride amongst other stuff. But what’s the point of amassing wealth and other nice things with no one to share it with? Be that power couple everyone talks about. Your one true love. Today there are so many ways that singles can look for love.

To save you the stress of finding the needle in the haystack on dating sites, Elite Connections is a matchmaking agency that gives you the ultimate value for your money. Elite Connections has some of the best matchmakers that offer much more than just your average casual matches picked from a computer system or app.

Some common complaints Elite Connections has heard from people is that many successful singles drown in doubt of ever finding love. Rest assured that Elite Connections and their matchmaking team are the queens of professional dating sites and they carefully select client needs individually to generate the best outcome when it comes to soulmate searching. You will read nothing but heaps of positive comments from Elite Connections reviews. Surely, you’d want to end your torment in the realm of finding romance.

One major complaint Elite Connections frequently hears from singles is about their chances of meeting the right person. Elite Connections has a vast array of experts whose mission is to deliver that perfect match for you. This will help reassure you that it won’t end like a horrifying Lifetime movie you have watched before. You can find love with some of the best matchmakers Elite Connections has to offer. Why Elite Connections you ask? Because Elite Connections uses a specific algorithm that helps their matchmakers use process of elimination when finding the right match for you.

 Elite Connections reviews has indicated that their matchmaking agency offers a personalized approach that allows this process to be so successful. Reach out to Elite Connections and their matchmaking agency to help match you with the right significant other. Let’s improve your dating life and not put it to a halt just because you are in despair of what to do right now, especially during a pandemic. Don’t settle for swiping. Trust the process.

You can read more about this dating agency at https://eliteconnectionsreviews.wordpress.com/2020/12/03/the-qualities-of-love-and-how-to-find-it-elite-connections/ .To contact some of the best matchmakers at Elite Connections International call 800-923-4200 or email at info@eliteconnections.comwww.eliteconnections.com.

Having a Healthy Love Life

By Elite Connections
A part of being healthy is having a healthy social life, love life, and sex life.
Many people get lonely around the holidays because they realize they don’t have someone to share the end of year celebrations with.  When it’s all said and done, it’s not about presents and material things, but having a special someone to help you reflect on your year and ring in the new one. Elite Connections reviews are full of happy couples that have found someone to go to those family dinners and New Year’s parties with. With the help of the best matchmakers, you can be one of them, too! Our Elite dating service will help find you many suitable bachelors and bachelorettes to kiss under the mistletoe. Here are the steps to help you find the priceless gift of love:  
1. Register for the dating agencies:

Swiping through dating apps and meeting in person just isn’t working anymore. Luckily, we have the best matchmakers to do all the work for you! Signing up for our Elite dating service guarantees that you will be set up on dates that are meaningful and full of potential. 

2. Always be positive with your thoughts:

There are many Elite Connections complaints from people that have had to unfortunately spend holidays alone. These bad memories make the holidays a difficult and troublesome time to navigate for many singles. However, if you focus on the past then you are denying the possibility of romance in the present! Being hopeful and optimistic will not only make you feel better, it is also incredibly attractive. When you think positively, you attract more positivity! 

3. Old friends might help:

Traveling back to your hometown for the holidays means you get to reconnect with family and old friends alike. You never know if your high school crush might finally admit that they liked you back then, too, and it could finally turn into something now! Reaching out to your old friends might help you meet new people and bring you closer to the one. 

4. Accept invitations and watch out for the best:

Your perfect partner is not going to knock on your door asking for you. You need to get out there and look! Accept party invitations and be social; at least for now on Zoom or similar. This increases your chances of meeting someone interesting and compatible with you. Our Elite dating service will help set things up for you if you don’t know where to start. 

5. Old wounds are to be healed up:
Elite Connections reviews report that couples take the holidays as a time to reflect and be grateful for their relationship. Whatever happened that year that might have hurt is less important now that you’ve made it through and are still together. If you’re single, you can also take this time to forgive the past and make room in your future. 
6. Make resolutions:

Make love a priority! Put it on your New Year’s Resolution list so you can have in mind that you are actively trying to find your life partner.

Some Elite Connections complaints are from people who didn’t make love a priority in their life and ended up alone because of that. By making love part of your resolutions you are putting importance in finding love, and once the best matchmakers find your soulmate you can keep love as a resolution to make sure you keep it.

7. Get out of your shell:

We know it’s scary to try new things and put yourself out there, but if you never try you will always fail. The Elite dating service makes sure that it’s an easy and comfortable process meeting someone new. 

With the holidays fast approaching, you’ll want to contact the best matchmakers now!

We can be reached at 1-800-923-4200, or by email at info@eliteconnections.com, so you’ll never have to spend another holiday alone. Reach Elite Connections  and see why this elite matchmaking service  has been matching quality singles for 27 years.  Contact the matchmakers at 800-923-4200 info@eliteconnections.com


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Finding Love During Covid19

Elite Connections President Sherri Murphy  and Tammi Pickle (Vice President) Photo Credit: Phillip Mathias

With the recent global business shut downs as a result of the Covid19 pandemic, most people have to temporarily stay inside their homes except for imperative trips outside including to get food, fuel, hardware store, dentist, etc. While gyms are closed, parks and streets are open to walk and get fresh air and sunshine. In the midst of global panic and fear, people now–more than ever–need love.  Studies even show that a happy love life increases all areas of success.  Elite Connections, America’s premiere matchmaking agency, is here today stronger than ever, to help Americans find just that.

Elite Connections’ CEO and founder Sherri Murphy today states,       “During this time of uncertainty, our priority has been maintaining the health and safety of our clients and matchmakers as guided by the CDC and other pertinent government agencies. We would like to reassure you that people still have finding love at the top of their priorities. We are more committed than ever to making safe and vetted matches.” 

Tammi Pickle; Elite Connections Vice President and LA Matchmaker. Photo credit: Ike Solamon, 2020.

Sherri continues, “During the interim of the shutdown’s, we are still making matches!  Clients are choosing to meet virtually via Zoom or Facetime, and for those who choose to meet in person, we recommend a picnic at a lake or the beach, or talking a walk or hike in nature. Now more than ever the world needs love and connectedness! We hope everyone remains healthy and safe!” 

As seen on Dr. Phil, Google News, Yahoo, ABC News, NBC News, and more, and with branch offices throughout numerous countries, and across the United States; Elite Connections is one of the leading matchmaker agencies in the world. From their Annual Party with a Purpose fundraiser; helping homeless youth in Los Angeles, to bringing lasting love to clients around the world, Elite Connections serves their community with gratitude, help, and love.

Since Elite Connections International matchmaking team meets beautiful, accomplished, single women who desire the luxury of meeting men that share their interests, without having to navigate awkward blind dates or friend set-ups, they also find a rare trust and friendship in their Elite Connections matchmaker. Such discerning women who refuse to rely on unfiltered online sites or apps to find their match, say they are either too high-profile, or just too tired of dealing with men that lie about who they are. Many discovered that working with a professional matchmaker is the ideal way to go, and with Elite Connections, their dream-date happens.

Also specializing in recruiting some of the prettiest single women in the world, Elite Connections forges meaningful relationships that are founded in their expert understanding of compatibility and love. “We are dedicated to seeking matches that make sense with insightful guidance and personal coaching every step of the way,” Sherri Murphy states.

Tammi, Sherri’s daughter, also works one-on-one with all her VIP members. With a degree in Psychology from CSUCI, she enjoys working with her mother as a professional matchmaker. With her education, Elite’s clients know Tammi is their go-to resource for expert relationship advice.

Tammi’s dedication to her clients make her a highly sought-after matchmaker; having been featured as the go-to relationship expert as seen on OWN, TLC, Bravo, and Fox, as well as in numerous magazines and on radio. Sherri Murphy states, “Elite Connections makes dating safer, and easy, proving to be the better alternative than blind-date websites that may not screen their users.” She adds, “Our team of matchmakers screen and interview in a way that authenticates prospects, where online agencies and apps clearly cannot.”

Elite Connections believe there is someone for everyone, and admit they take pride in their ability to match attractive, intelligent single women with eligible high-caliber men. Whether a person is looking for dates, a long-term partner or wife, or just someone special to enjoy quality time with, Elite Connections says they enjoy enriching the lives of their clients with matchmaking services like no other can.

An excellent service and every single woman I’ve met has been of high quality and certainly not a waste of time. Veronica has been my matchmaker for the last 8 months and she’s done a fabulous job.”— Benjamin–Elite Connections Client

As seen on Dr. Phil, Fox News, ABC News Google News, Yahoo, and more, the mother and daughter matchmaking team of Elite Connections regularly speak in the news about how to find love, and about the mistakes that many singles often make.

History of Elite Connections 

CEO Sherri Murphy founded Elite Connections International over twenty-five years ago, creating one of the world’s premiere matchmaking agencies. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, she shares a myriad of testimonials of happy couples and even successful marriages that she and her team have helped create.

Sherri founded Elite Connections in Los Angeles in 1994 after she met her husband through a matchmaker, seeing a need for a safe, effective way for successful and commitment-minded singles to meet each-other.

Named two of the “Most Dynamic Women in LA 2020,” and at the top of her field year after year, some would slow down. Not Elite Connections CEO Sherri Murphy. “Sherri works even when she is on vacation,” a friend confesses. “She loves her work and is obsessed with helping her clients find their significant other and making people happy. And that’s exactly why she is the best out there at what she does.”

Contact Elite Connections for a consultation about your dating needs at: 

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