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Michael Lohan: An Exclusive Interview

Michael Lohan, photo (c). 2018, Michael Lohan, all rights reserved.

Michael Lohan speaks here in this exclusive interview by The Hollywood Sentinel dot com.

As the star of Living Lohan, guest star on webisode Hollyweird!, tabloid star, and father of world famous actress Lindsay Lohan among more, Michael Lohan gives here a revealing interview concerning the highs and lows of his life, career, and now his new life as a born-again Christian and partner of a rehab facility.

(The exclusive interview with Michael appears in the link here below at News Blaze dot com:  https://newsblaze.com/entertainment/interviews/michael-lohan-exclusive-interview-by-hollywood-sentinel_131538/

Those in need of help with drug or alcohol addiction, contact Michael’s company Recover America at Telephone: 888-915-6612

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