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Trouble In Paradise

Image: Beach of Big Sur, California, USA. Image created: April 12, 2016, by Michael Durana. Source: WikiCommons, fair use.

Covid 19! The Shutdown! Heat Wave! Power Outage! Earthquake! Smoke! Fire!

If you live in California, including in Los Angeles particularly during September of 2020, you may think, “What is going on?  It can’t get worse than this!” Then it did.

Politically, many Democrats blame everything on Trump, and many Republicans blame everything on the Democrats.  Factually, many around America even wonder if the world is ending, and consider all of the recent calamities befalling America and more particularly in California and the West Coast; as signs of the apocalypse.

While we won’t digress on the four horseman, or tyrants in the form of health officials, mayors, and governors, we can definitely all agree, there is “Trouble in Paradise.” Those of us who have lived in California and L.A. for years who have been fortunate enough not to be hit by the Malibu fires last year, all found their lives affected by the many other fires throughout California during the fire season this year.  While the flames  only reached some, the smoke reached everyone.

While L.A. generally is like paradise for many of us, in reality, no one ever promised us a heaven on Earth in 2020.  And it is times like these that teach us just how fortunate we usually, really are. 2020 has taught us–or at least should have, to appreciate and be thankful for a safe, healthy environment, for good, clean water, for fresh, clean air, for good health, for our every basic freedom we have; big and small, and for every breath of life itself.

We are not owed a perfectly working universe. We are not owed a planet that always has enough oxygen and fresh clean air, but that is what we usually have. We were not promised enough gravity that we can walk but don’t fly into the sky, or enough warm sun that gives just enough heat to warm us, but not kill us, and just enough air and wind that cools us, but that overall doesn’t blow us away; but that’s what we were kindly given.

In reality, the universe is a perfect creation, designed for our survival, sustenance, and success.  Most natural disasters are a rare occurrence compared to the countless times of peace and calm when there are not disasters, and the majority of the disasters anyone does experience, are generally caused by manmade problems–not by the universe or its creator.

While the above is true, and the awareness of this mindset is good to focus on, it does little to help those confronting the devastation of air that one can’t breathe in because it is too smoky, a state they can’t live in because the majority of the economy is shut down and there is no work to be found and no where to go, or to deal with the home that one lost if it got burned down.  Thinking of others less fortunate to try make a terrible condition seem less horrible, does not necessarily change one’s condition.  Times are tough for many in 2020 to be sure, and in California, let’s face it–for many, things have gone from bad–to worse.

So what is the solution?

1, Realize that any condition is not permanent.  Forest fires, viruses, tyrannical governments, earthquakes, floods, and other disasters all end. The nature of any human being and the nature of the earth is to heal and to survive.  Bad conditions will end, and things WILL get better.

2, Do realize that the more stressed or depressed you are, the worse things will seem, and the more overwhelmed you will be, being less capable of handling the problem. That means, you need to be well rested, well fed, and in a calm state of mind and body to confront any problem.  Look at things when you are calm and consider things objectively, and rationally.

3, Do look around at all of the things you have yourself that are working, and look out in society at other people that are happy, healthy, and safe and functioning and working. Look at society itself at things that are working and functioning properly and realize that most things are OK and you will be OK do.

4, Know that any good condition takes work. To be healthy, you need to eat well, get enough sleep, work out, and take care of your body, mind and spirit. If you have bad air for a few weeks or months, you may need to invest in some air purifiers. If you can’t work out at the gym or outside, you may need to invest in some workout equipment for indoors until things change. If the city or state you live in has crazy politicians that won’t let you work, you may need to do new things for work online, or move to a location that has more freedom. Take action, and do it now. Don’t wait until you are in a lower condition where you can’t function.

5, Expand your power. Build reserves of money, food, capitol, and resources. Prepare for disasters that may occur in the future, and then focus on the present, here and now. Be prepared for the future, but don’t obsess over it. Focus on the now.

6, Once you are in a condition of power, help others. We are all in this together.

With that said, if you, one of our readers needs help with anything, call us, and if we can help, we will if we can. There is no guarantee but we will see if we can try.

7, We must come together as a city, as a state, as a nation, and as as world to be better people, kinder people, and more forgiving, compassionate, thoughtful, and loving to each other, and to the earth itself.  While we don’t always live up to what we preach–we try each day. No one is perfect, but the goal of every human being should be to be better, do better, and be kinder than the day before. Spread the love–even to those with whom you disagree with politically. What we reap, we sow. In other words–karma is real. We are treated by others based on  how we treat others. Be kind.

Sure, we have some trouble in paradise, but it is still paradise. The trouble will soon fade, and we will make it. 

Be sure to check out the back issues, and let us know what you liked, disliked, want to read, hear or see. We might even publish your words or message for the world to hear or see in the next issue.

Until then, keep safe, be healthy, and be strong.

–Bruce Edwin

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Be a Victor–not a Victim

Martin Luther King Jr. during the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, during which he delivered his historic “I Have a Dream” speech, calling for an end to racism. Image: Rowland Scherman (1937–). Restored by Adam Cuerden. Image made available under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. Source: National Archives at College Park.

If you listen to someone telling you over and over how horrible life is, a part of you is eventually going to start believing them. When you believe you are doomed, you eventually WILL be doomed, because your thoughts will create the circumstances that manifest the reality of what you predominantly think.

A person can fail at life because:

1, someone around them that they personally know is telling them they are going to fail or die

2,  someone from their past has told them this, and their voice is still ringing in their head like a broken record, or

3 this person can even be many people in form of the news media.

Thoughts turn into things. If you feed your mind with toxicity, you will have a toxic life. Whether you pollute your mind with junk food, drugs, or a failing mentality in the form of bad company or bad news, what you reap with the results of your life is what you sow into your mind.

It has never been harder during our time, to avoid bad news and doom and gloom news media.  There is even a new buzzword to describe the activity of this on social media; “Doom Scrolling.”  Much of what is posted on social media is not even accurate or is just a headline from a news story that does not convey the true reality of the story. Many times, mainstream media itself simply does not fact check, copying other news media sources without doing their own investigation. At other times, mainstream media is simply deliberately biased or deceptive, attempting to pass of their politically motivated opinion as fact.

There certainly are plenty of real and valid things to be worried about or get angry about.  In “Alice in Wonderland,” The queen stated she used to find at least six impossible things to believe before breakfast. Today, we can all easily find at least six outrageous things to make us furiously mad or depressed before breakfast—if we watch the mainstream news. However—fear and anger do not serve you. Fear weakens the immune system, and anger does too. Fear and anger actually shorten your life and distract you from your goals.

The stocks for most major, mainstream news outlets have skyrocketed since Covid19 was declared an emergency by President Trump earlier this year. The same media that literally ignored the virus during the first month it was reported in China, later went on a rampage of creating fear and panic, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for over half a year.

Instead of telling people how to be calm, relax, and boost their immune system, the mainstream media went on a hell rage of mayhem and death, telling us how millions would be dead (which was false), and how all of us, including healthy individuals, needed to hide in our homes and wait for the savior—big pharma (their source of ad revenue)—to create a vaccine.

In reality, most people will be safe from Covid19. Most people will be healthy and live and not die. But if you  believe most of the local, city, state, and county governments, the World Health Organization, many universities and politicians, and most mainstream media, you will not know that.

Don’t be a sheep and a blind follower of the herd. Think for YOURSELF. Don’t be a victim of propaganda, even if it’s delivered in a meme or post by your friends.

It is not Noble to be a Victim  

The mainstream media, now largely an arm of a political agenda, wants to treat you as and portray you as a victim. Let us be clear; it is not noble to be a victim. It is not praiseworthy to fall ill, to be weak, to suffer, or to die. There is no victory in death and no heroic effort in getting sick. Getting sick and dying are easy. You just  believe what the merchants of chaos and doom and gloom tell you. You just give up. Fighting and living is the true worthy goal, and the true noble feat is to live and live strongly and powerfully, with greatness and strength, with fearlessness and grace.

You were not born to take drugs and be another “case” for big pharma. Your body and mind and the “natural world” generally have all you need to be healthy and strong. Trust yourself.

Most people are basically good. America is overall a great country. Most people know it is wrong to destroy art, property, loot, and riot. While there are great political forces fighting for the very soul of this country and world, we can know several things;

Every person of every race, creed, color, ethnicity, age, sex, nationality, and sexual orientation has value. 

ALL lives have value.  

Censorship is a dangerous thing and is a step towards tyranny. 

Goodness is greater than any evil.

Truth wins in the end.

We are blessed with each breath of life to be here.

We must cherish it, and we must fight on and live with power, faith, and forgiveness. Be a victor, and follow your passion, with strength and determination, and never—never give up.

–Bruce Edwin

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Dare to Feel Happy & Safe

English: US Postage stamp, Credo issue of 1961, 4c, famous quote by Patrick Henry, Date: 11 January 1961. Source: US Post Office Smithsonian National Postal Museum Photo image obtained/rendered by Gwillhickers. Author: US Post Office. Courtesy of WikiCommons, Fair Use.


And welcome to the new issue of The Hollywood Sentinel. And my, what a time it is. As we are in the process of re-designing our pages for increased  functionality with smart phone usage, we invite you to explore our pages on your laptop as well now, through our table of contents tab on the left of this site. Check back often, as many pages will be updated throughout the week.

Music video by U2 performing Beautiful Day (C) 2000 Universal-Island Records Limited.

If you are reading these words, you should be aware that there are reportedly over 4 billion people on the planet that do not have internet access as you do right now. That’s a very large segment of the global population. 13 countries, including China, Iran, and North Korea either have no internet or very limited freedom of speech or of what they can read online.

Reportedly 1.8 billion people, or around 25% of the global population, do not have access to clean water.

Around 1.6 billion people on the planet do not have adequate housing.

And not only do approximately 1.1 billion people not own a cell phone, they don’t even have electricity.

We are not telling you this information to depress you, but rather—to remind you of how fortunate you really are.

The fact that you have a warm place to live, with electricity, own a cell phone, have access to clean water, have the internet, and have a fairly large degree of freedom of speech, makes you far more fortunate than billions of other people on planet Earth. You can be thankful for all of these things right now.

I dare you to think of this. And just close your eyes for a few minutes, and let yourself feel the gratitude of all that you have right now. You have a lot.

The Hollywood Sentinel, since it’s beginning over 11 years ago, has been dedicated to reporting ONLY the good news, and dedicated to bringing the world our celebration of all areas of the arts.

Your body and your life itself is a miracle; a masterwork of art made by a genius creator. Your body automatically seeks—like a flower reaching for the sun—to heal itself, and to live.

Do not let the world and media tell you that you are sick and weak, and that you need to give up your freedoms and wait for the pharmaceutical industry to give you drugs to save you, before you can have your freedom back or a chance of living.

Do not Panic, Avoid Fear

Even if a meteor were going to strike the earth in 30 days that we knew about, wiping out all of humanity, it would not serve us to be fearful and panic and be miserable. The thing to do in that situation would be to spend out our last days living for each moment with happiness, thanks, and gratitude, love for ourselves, treating ourselves well, love for our loved ones and every other person on planet earth, love for the earth, and love for our creator (if you believe in that), and making peace with our mortality and preparing for death. If one believed in an afterlife, they should do things spiritually that make them feel most successful in handling that transition.

How to Help Prevent Getting the Virus? 

1, Be happy. Any enemy you will ever have in your life wants you to be miserable. They want you miserable, and in fear. Fear weakens the immune system.

You may be angry over the situation and what is going on. That’s normal. Set aside a few short minutes a day where you allow yourself to get angry if you must–and then let it go. Bring yourself back to gratitude, love, and happiness, as much as you can. Don’t let anyone else pull you into emotions you are not ready to deal with. Do what’s right for you. Take care of yourself first–and others later, when you can.

ASSUME great health. Focus on great health–not sickness, and not symptoms. What we put our attention on is what we get. 

2, Do not stress. Stress, a form of fear, weakens the body. When stress gets too bad, it causes the body to literally attack itself. This triggers the virus or makes it worse.  Avoid stressful things including most media, negative people, and toxic situations.

3, Exercise. Exercise boosts the immune system. Work out daily, even if it’s just a mile or two walk in the neighborhood. But more is better.

4, Get plenty of sunshine, a natural source of Vitamin D, which boosts immunity. In addition, take vitamin D supplements as needed.

5, Take vitamin C and Zinc, which even some doctors have now had to admit help fight infection.  Take a multi-vitamin as needed.

6, Eat healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid greasy, fried foods. Avoid chemical laden, processed foods. Avoid GMO’s. Avoid too much  meat, or avoid it all together. Eat healthy, balanced, nutritious meals.

Drink a lot of water. At least 1 glass of fresh clean water per hour.

7, Get plenty of good sleep, at least 8 hours a night.

8, Set goals daily and achieve them each day. Stay clean, keep goal oriented, and stay busy.

9, Focus on making money and work smarter. Don’t assume you can’t make money. Don’t let the world and media convince you that you should give up and hide in a corner. Life is not over. You will make it.

10, If you can get a N95 or K95 mask, get one and wear it if you feel safer doing so when you are near people.  If it makes you feel better wearing something else, go for it.

11, If you feel safer doing what we call “anti” social-distancing, than do that. You should always be clean and wash your hands regularly as needed during any time–including now.

12, Be kind to those who disagree with you, and be a source of patience and kindness.

If you feel you have contracted Covid19, What to Do?

(This following information is the opinion of the editor, and is not to  interpreted as medical advice or the substitute of a medical professional).

1, Call a doctor immediately that you can trust if you feel you need to. If you take any, read about any drugs before you take them, and their side effects. It is always best to avoid man-made chemicals, whenever possible.

2, Breathe in steam which can even be a hot shower as needed.

3, Get pure mint oil or similar, to put in your nose and breathe in as needed. Test on your hand first to make sure it is safe to do so.  The following link has the one that we use, called Sunbreeze.

4, Gargle with salt water regularly, and rinse your nose regularly with salt water, breathing in as needed to clear your head, Blow it out.

5, Repeat the list above in steps 1 through 10 and do more of each of 1 through 7.

6. If you believe in a higher power than you–pray.

7, Trust and simply have faith in yourself, your body, and the universe which is a benevolent place and is looking out for you.

8, Music has been scientifically proven to boost the immune system. Listen to great music that makes you feel good.

9, Smile and laugh, and watch happy, funny things that make you feel hope.

10, Do Qigong! An incredible, healing practice that combines slow martial arts like movements with moving meditation. Here is one of our favorites:

Visit here for more great Qigong:

We wish you much peace, love, and happiness during these terribly trying times.  Read these lists often, as needed, and do them. Trust and know that we WILL get through this, and if you are reading this, I trust that YOU will come out bigger and stronger and better than ever before.

–Bruce Edwin

As always, if you have questions, you may contact us at 310-226-7176. If we answer your question, your question and our answer may be published for the world to see.

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