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Where Is Your Manual For Life?

Grammy Award Winner Dua Lipa. Image used with kind courtesy of the office of publicity of Dua Lipa. All rights reserved.

Why are you here? You may have thought about that question before, and been asked it a few times, but I want you to really stop and think about it right now. If you knew for a fact, that the world was going to somehow end in just 48 hours, would you be satisfied with what you have accomplished?  If not, then what is stopping you right now from doing the things you dream of?

If you knew the world would end in just 90 days, what you do right now? Who would you see? Where would you go? What would matter most to you? If you would do and see these things and people with this awareness, what is stopping you from doing them right now? Today?

No one ever guaranteed us a tomorrow. 

To live a full, satisfied, meaningful life, you have to seize the day. Make each moment count. Follow your dreams, and imagine that one day it will all be over. Because it will. At least in these bodies on this planet.

Would you rather drift by in a life of mediocrity and mundane displeasure, spiritless, without passion, without hope or purpose of your highest dreams and goals, following the masses and having a safe and “comfortable career” to a fast or slow inevitable demise? Or would you rather wake up excited, on the edge, not sure perhaps of some things, but sure with every fragment of your soul that you are alive, that you are following your bliss, your spirit, the reason you want to be alive, with a burning desire, and fire that cannot go out–lest your life itself be no more?

This passion, this purpose is the life of a true artist. And that art can apply to any field, in any academic area or even any skill of trade. It matters not what you do for you career, as long as you do it for yourself, because it makes you happy.

To some, happiness is seen as a sign of guilt.

Some shame those who are happy, or successful. Tell me; would you rather spend time with an angry man, or a happy one? There is nothing good about anger, or about selling one’s dreams short for the expectations of others. The more people on the planet pursued and achieved their dreams and goals, the less frustration, anger, hatred, hostility, and violence there would be.

Figure out now, why are you here? What do you dream of? What is your top most dream to achieve in your life before you are gone? Next, find a way to achieve it. If you don’t know, start anyway, and learn as you go.

Did you get a manual for life when you were born or reached a certain age?

No. But that didn’t stop you from living. Decide now to find your passion if you have not, and follow it, and achieve it–till death do it’s part. You owe this to yourself. But not only to yourself, you owe it to the world. Greatness isn’t something you rent or buy. Greatness is something you MAKE. Make greatness for yourself starting today, in this lifetime.  Who knows? You just might be at the top of your dreams in 2020 or soon thereafter and the world may notice. And I may be right there, saying, “See” I told you so!”

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Penny Marshall: Hollywood’s Eternal Legend

Penny Marshall (right) and Cindy Williams from the hit show Laverne and Shirley. Image: (c). 1976, 2018, ABC; Publicity still from American Broadcasting Corporation for January 27, 1976. Source: WikiCommons.

Actress / Comedian 

An outstanding actress and comedian, Penny Marshall filled America’s hearts with love and laughter for decades starring and appearing on shows including; Happy Days, Mary Tyler Moore Show, Mork & Mindy, Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers, Saturday Night Live, The Jackie Gleason Show, The Bob Newhart Show, Frasier, Dinah! The Odd Couple, Laverne and Shirley, and many more.

Producer / Director 

Penny Marshall later become one of the greatest producers and directors of our time, with films including; Cinderella Man, Riding in Cars with Boys, Bewitched, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, and many others.

World Record Holder: Big

In 1988, Penny Marshall directed Tom Hanks in the motion picture “Big,” which went on to gross over 152 million dollars with a reported 18 million dollar budget, making her the first female director in the world to gross over 100 million dollars with a major motion picture.

Groundbreaker: A League of Their Own 

Just four years later in 1992, Penny Marshall directed Tom Hanks again in a film with an all female ensemble including her daughter; actress, writer, producer, and director Tracy Reiner, as well as Geena Davis, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, Lori Petty, Anne Cusak, Bitty Schram, Lynn Cartwright, Anne Ramsay, and more, in the hit film “A League of Their Own.” This film again broke the 100 million dollar barrier, became a cult classic, and went on to influence the world, leading the cause and serving as the empowering call to help champion the long overdue need for the formation of women’s baseball teams throughout the world.

Born on October 15, 1943 in The Bronx, New York as Carole Penny Masciarelli; Penny Marshall married Michael Henry, and later actor, writer, director, producer, and political activist Rob Reiner.  Her brother; writer, producer, director Gary Marshall, passed on in 2016.

Forever Remembered 

Known for her great sense of humor, hard work ethic, love of Hollywood and sports, and love of family and friends, Penny Marshall will forever be remembered as not only one of the greatest comic actresses, producers, and directors of our time, but also as one of the most groundbreaking female leaders on the planet. Penny was a woman who changed and shaped history, proving to young girls around the world that not only can they too dream, but that they achieve what it is out they set out to accomplish.

Widely respected throughout Hollywood for her cultural achievements, Penny Marshall and her family have been responsible for some of the most memorable, iconic moments in filmmaking of all time.  Positively impacting the world of sports, and women’s equality in all areas, Penny Marshall lit and carried the torch for women around the world to not only be funny–but to be brave, and to change history by making it.  And make history Penny Marshall did.

Today, her daughter Tracy Reiner–who were very close, carries on that legacy from her mother.  In addition to heading her own feature film production company, Tracy Reiner serves as President of the historic Hollywood Women’s Club. Penny Marshall is also survived by her sister; actress Ronny Hallin, and five grandchildren.

As the first female producer and director on the planet to break the 100 million mark with “Big,” Penny brought laughter and tears to audiences around the world. With her role as Laverne DeFazio in the legendary TV sitcom Laverne & Shirley,” Penny gave a face to the woman next door, and an example for women to stand up, and stand strong. And with her trailblazing, iconic film “A League of Their Own,” Penny Marshall helped make what was once a man’s world and a man’s business of movie-making and baseball, a little more female. She will forever be remembered.

–By Bruce Edwin

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Hollywood Forever


Image: Jean Luc Godard with Cinematographer Anthony B. Richmond.  Image used with kind courtesy of The British Film Institute, and with kind courtesy of Mr. Richmond for The Hollywood Sentinel. British Film Institute:

Jean Luc Godard; one of the most iconic filmmakers of all time, is pictured above with the legendary cinematographer Anthony B. Richmond.  Both are featured in this special issue of The Hollywood Sentinel, with an exclusive interview with Mr. Richmond found on our “Backstage Hollywood” page, and our review of Godard’s film lensed by Mr. Richmond, “One Plus One,” on our “Art in Los Angeles” page.

Also at the top of our “Art in Los Angeles” page, be sure to check out the review of art critic Jerry Saltz by fine artist and Hollywood Sentinel art writer Moira Cue.  This, and much more can be found in the pages here of Hollywood Sentinel, where each week, we bring you ONLY the good news in the world of art and entertainment.

Life in L.A. 

Never a dull moment, life in Los Angeles is an exciting, adventure filled time.  With the best in the world of entertainment, nightlife, dining, and cultural events to choose from; Los Angeles County also has some of the world’s greatest surf, beaches, campgrounds, hiking trails, mountains, and more.

This month, as most of the world knows, has been a very challenging time for our great land of California.  With many  fires raging for weeks across the State of California, burning nearly a quarter million acres of land, and displacing reportedly over 300,000 people across the State, with over 100 still missing, and over 50 lives lost, the fires in California this year were simply among the worst.

My usual beautiful drive down PCH in Malibu turned heartbreaking, with many hills and mountains filled with fresh green grass, trees, and homes, reduced to splotchy shades of brown, gray, and black ash, burned to the ground.

Thankfully, the majority of Malibu is still standing, as beautiful as ever, as is the majority of California’s amazing forests. Even the town of Paradise, California, which was essentially entirely destroyed by the Camp Fire, has already vowed to rebuild.

Even moments after the biggest obstacles, or the worst tragedies, human beings vow to fight and survive, rebuild from their loss, and turn things back around. Such is the nature in us all–to fight to live, to be victorious, to beat disaster.

It doesn’t have to take a near brush with death to shake us out of our routine and ignite a fighting spirit to conquer and succeed within us. This is who we are. Not as California’s; Not as Americans; but as human beings on this planet Earth. It is our human nature to not only survive, but to thrive.

We need not wait for adversity, fear, or doom to raise our spirit. We have the same soul within us. We need only to awaken it, to shake it free.

Get outside today and do something to get your pulse racing; to remind yourself that you really ARE alive. You are a part of the beat of this universe. You are a part of the pulse of life and the energy on this Earth. Find your passion, follow your purpose, and make it a life worth living.  This is YOUR time NOW. Make it count!

Enjoy the new issue.

–Bruce Edwin
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